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A Complete Competitive Programming Roadmap

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Whether you are a high schooler, a university student, or a careered developer, this is the perfect time to start with competitive programming. Yeah, you heard it right! Competitive Programming Roadmap does not have age-barrier or portfolio limitations. Competitive Programming only requires a passionate spirit with some love for coding.

In general, most hiring programs for software engineers include a technical interview component. These interviews usually consist of coding rounds which require a solid understanding of data structures & algorithms. Since these are the core parts of competitive programming, participating in these competitions can serve as great preparation for technical interviews.

This blog post is geared towards those who have ever thought about or tried to start competitive programming but moved on before seeing it through. Let’s dig into competitive programming by answering all the Why(s), What(s) & How(s)!



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A Complete Competitive Programming Roadmap
Abdullah  Kozey

Abdullah Kozey


A Beginner's Guide to the Skills you Learn in Competitive Programming Course

Today, a large part of our everyday lives revolves around the development of Science and Technology. In this world of technological development, Programming or Coding is a key to keep going and growing. Thus, over the years, learning of programming languages like C++, Python, Java, Kotlin etc. has seen a tremendous growth.

The present and the coming age is the age of technology. Technology works on development and the development of technology relies on tech-geeks or programmers. Thus, it becomes important to have more creative and competent programmers in the world, who have the zest to change the face of science in the coming times.

Competitive Programming is an area that helps coders/programmers to master the coding skills and use them for the larger benefit.

Competitive Programming refers to various online coding competitions held over distinct open source platforms. Coders, from across the world, participate in competitive programming competitions to hone their skills and showcase their talents. With a constant rise in the number of participants in these online competitions, the contention also continues to rise. Thus, it becomes significant to know and learn the right skills to become a successful competitive programmer.

Following are some of the skills you learn to ace Competitive Programming:

  • Master a Programming Language
  • You can never practice enough codes
  • Strengthen Problem-solving Skills
  • **Algorithmic Efficiency **
  • Master Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Learn Dynamic Programming

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Buzztowns Blog

Buzztowns Blog


An Introduction to Competitive Programming|Online Coding Classes

It’s also known as sport programming. It is highly supported by lots of multinational companies, such as Google and Facebook. There are several organizations that host programming competitions regularly.

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Coding 101: Programming Language Building Blocks

This article will introduce the concepts and topics common to all programming languages, that beginners and experts must know!

Do you want to learn a programming language for the first time?

Do you want to improve as a Programmer?

Well, then you’re in the right place to start. Learn any programming language without difficulty by learning the concepts and topics common to all programming languages.

Let me start by answering the following questions:

  • Why learn Programming?
  • What is Programming?
  • How to Learn a Programming Language?

Why learn Programming❔

Programming develops creative thinking

Programmers solve a problem by breaking it down into workable pieces to understand it better. When you start learning to program, you develop the habit of working your way out in a very structured format. You analyze the problem and start thinking logically and this gives rise to more creative solutions you’ve ever given.

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

_– _Stephen Hawking

Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.

_- _Steve Jobs

Programming Provides Life-Changing Experiences

Programming always provides you with a new challenge to take risks every time and that teaches you to take risks in your personal life too. The world is filled up with websites, apps, software and when you build these yourself you’ll feel more confident. When a programmer solves a problem that no one has ever solved before it becomes a life-changing experience for them.

What is Programming🤔?

program is a set of instructions to perform a task on a computer.

Programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific task.

Well, according to me programming is like raising a baby. We provide knowledge (data) to help understand a baby what’s happening around. We teach a baby to be disciplined (and much more) by making rules.

Similarly, a computer is like a baby. We set rules and provide data to the computer through executable programs with the help of a Programming Language.

(Photo by Clément H on Unsplash)

That’s it👍. If you can understand this basic concept of programming, you’re good to go. Pick up a programming language and start learning. Read the following section to get an idea of where to start.

My recommendation is to choose Python Programming Language as a start, because it’s beginner-friendly.

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Oleta  Becker

Oleta Becker


How to Start Competitive Programming in September 2020

Competitive programming is changing the industry hiring process drastically. Many Big Companies like Google, Facebook prefer hiring through vigorous competition for programmers to grab a job. Google hosts Code Jam for hiring top programmers across the globe. Facebook also conducts its Hacker Cup contest for its hiring process.

I have been participating in various competitive programming contest and winning most of them have been an easy job for me. Many people think that coding for more than 5 years is the key to win various competitive programming. But let me clear this myth for you, I had just 4 months of coding experience before winning my first competitive programming contest.

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Arvel  Parker

Arvel Parker


Input and Output Techniques Used in Competitive Programming in Python

So you started competitive programming, but having difficulty in taking input and formatting output even in the simplest ones? No problem you are at the right place, this post will tell you the most important input and output techniques used in competitive programming in python.

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