Top 5 Must Have Magento 2 Extensions for Advanced E-commerce Store

Top 5 Must Have Magento 2 Extensions for Advanced E-commerce Store

Boost conversions of your Magento eCommerce store with these top Magento Extensions.

Today, the eCommerce market is rapidly increasing across the world. If you are aiming to build your eCommerce store and take it to the next level then Magento will be best option for you. For eCommerce store, Magento provides robust scalability and sophisticated features and UX design elements for better user experience. It is a trusted eCommerce platform for start-up businesses and mid-size businesses.

Ecommerce store is used to sell a variety of products as per their specific industry. Each eCommerce store has a set of standard functionality like checkout, add to cart, and upload the products and so on. They are very basic features, but to make the store more user friendly and provide better flexibility to user you need to install Magento extensions. Well, this is so true that it can only done by best Magento extensions and using them carefully. These extensions are to be installed as per your need in order to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

Here Are Crucial 5 Magento Extensions Which Will Enhance Your Sales:

1)  One step checkout

Providing secure and efficient checkout process is the main part of any eCommerce transactions. If customer feels any difficulty at the checkout time then this process often cause the consumers to abandon their carts. To overcome this, you can install this Magento 2 checkout extension which will provide you international payments methods, add-on options like coupon, gift message and preferred delivery timing option modules for your store. It will also help you to detect geolocation automatically using GEO IP tool. So, with the help of Checkout extension you can completely customize and optimize your checkout page design.

2) Live Chat

Using this extension you can push the business conversation thorough live chat option. It  incredibly helps you to engage your visitors to convert business from as many visitors. As per the MarTech statistics, 51% of purchases are done just because of live chat communications. So, you can install it to take the leverage of more business from live chat.

3) Ship works

 If you want to grow quickly through online store, it will require a lot of work and involvement, right from shipping to managing products online This is one of the important extension for the eCommerce store, as your store will gain extraordinary features like sending an email to customers, redesigning orders, labels creation and more. Basically, this extension will take care of all the activities which play a crucial role in business conversation and customer retention.

4) Advance FAQ

We always have questions while shopping of any products in a physical store or online store. At physical store, we can ask to store attendant and solve our query at a moment. But, while doing online shopping we are helpless without FAQ page and Live chat function. This extensions will provide your store the feature to have a questionnaire and your answer to customers. Through this extension admin can add categories as per the particular questions which enables the user-friendly interface. The Magento 2 FAQ extension will also guide the customers on how to build accurate and user friendly website and help regarding the features of extension.

5) Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension

This extension provides you instant results based on customer search query. They will improve the product search in your eCommerce online store. You can control the all product shown in the search results by category. Product will be searched by typing only 3 characters. So, you can use extension to get results fast and have better user experience.


You can install the above-mentioned extension as per your requirement for your eCommerce store. You can get more leverage by using custom extensions that will make your store to be more customer-centric with crucial features and more flexible. If you are looking to build eCommerce store then you can hire Magento Certified developer who can provide you reliable solution. 

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