JavaScript Higher-order Functions - 19

JavaScript Higher-order Functions - 19

In this video tutorial, we'll learn JavaScript Higher-order Functions. Basic syntaxes of the function expression. Ways of creating a function pollution. Limitations of arrow functions.

A function expression is another way of creating a function. It makes your code maintainable because each function has its task and it avoids scope pollution - a term used when variables a cluttered within the namespace, thereby making your program more prone to error.

In this tutorial we will learn the function expressions in the following sections:

  1. Basic syntaxes of the function expression
  2. Ways of creating a function pollution
    • Anonymous function
      • Function without function name
      • Self-invoked function
    • Arrow function
  3. Limitations of arrow functions
    • Keywords like this, super, arguments,, and yield can't be used.
    • Can't be used as a constructor.
    • Can't use the syntax of call, apply, and bind methods on arrow functions.

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Higher Order Functions in JavaScript

Functional programming is a paradigm that results in cleaner and more concise code, that is easier to maintain, and reduces hard to find bugs. A central concept in functional programming is higher order functions. In JavaScript there a multiple of built in higher order functions.

Functional Programming: Higher Order Functions

Functional Programming: Higher Order Functions. A Better Take on JavaScript’s Higher Order Functions. Functional Programming is awesome! It makes programming fun.

Higher-Order Functions Beginners Should Be Familiar With.

Higher order functions are functions that operates on other functions, either by taking them as arguments or by returning them.

What are Higher-Order Functions?

Are you already using them? Though the term higher-order may sound fancy and complicated, it is actually much simpler than you’d think. In fact, you have probably already used higher-order functions without even realizing it. A higher-order function is a function that either takes a function or functions in as an argument or returns a function. All other types of functions are considered first-order functions. Because JavaScript accepts higher-order functions, that is what makes this programming language suitable for functional programming.

The Difference Between Regular Functions and Arrow Functions in JavaScript

<p>Other then the syntactical differences. The main difference is the way the this keyword behaves? In an arrow function, the this keyword remains the same throughout the life-cycle of the function and is always bound to the value of this in the...