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August Murray


AKS Performance: Resource Quotas

Limiting resource consumption for multi-team clusters

Always remember to evaluate your needs and requirements against what resources you have available to determine your best approach.

Preventing Resource Exhaustion

When limits are not enough

In my previous article I discussed Resource Request and Limits to help people understand the importance of setting appropriate pod specs to avoid over saturating nodes. What if the cluster is shared across multiple teams or developers? How do you prevent one single person from taking up all the cluster resources?

Many teams have limited resources and specific resource needs that must be shared

In clusters like this setting pod spec resource request/limits isn’t really going to be enough to ensure all the teams/devs have resources they can use. Since business isn’t really about spending tons of money “just in case” we need to be smart with how we spend. This often means capping how much of a particular resource we allow teams/devs to consume. Happily Kubernetes has a way to help carve up resource consumption to prevent one single person/team from taking everything.

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AKS Performance: Resource Quotas