A Third-Person Shooter Written in the Panda3D Game Engine and Python

A Third-Person Shooter Written in the Panda3D Game Engine and Python

A simple third-person shooter written in the Panda3D 1.10.9 game engine and Python 3.9.2.

Droid Game 3D

This is a very interesting game in which you can fight droid bots and online with other players. Unite in teams, and arrange a capture of the flag (mode in development).

Some information about the game

Popular servers

At the moment, the most popular are the admin server and DOOMPY.

Server statistics

Admin fun server - 17 players per day. DOOMPY - 8 players per day.


Capture the flag mode. New bots New droids.



There are many different features in the game at the moment. You can study them all as follows:

  1. Download the game

  2. Unpack the archive as you like

  3. Enter three commands for installing modules in the terminal: pip install panda3d pip install screeninfo pip install ipgetter2 pip install PySimpleGUI pip install simplepbr

  4. Open the directory with the game

  5. Find the main.py file

  6. Run it

  7. In the menu, click on help. Learn the controls and play!

Some screenshots

Menu screenshots : Main mrnu : image

Moderators menu : image

Developers menu : image

Top players menu : image

Tutorial menu : image

Connect server menu : image

Chat menu : image

Choose droid menu : image

In game screenshot


That's screenshot made in online mode. This screenshot does not show everything you can do in the game. (Server: DOOMPY)

Download Details:

Author: HACKERmacic The Demo/Documentation: View The Demo/Documentation Download Link: Download The Source Code Official Website: https://github.com/HACKERmacic/Droid-Game

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