Orchestrating the Pic-a-Daily serverless app with Workflows

Orchestrating the Pic-a-Daily serverless app with Workflows

Orchestration with Workflows. App Engine is still the same web frontend that accepts pictures from our users and stores them in the Cloud Storage bucket. One for the creation of new pictures and one for the deletion of existing pictures. Orchestrating the Pic-a-Daily serverless app with Workflows.

Over the past year, we ( Mete and  Guillaume) have developed a picture sharing application, named Pic-a-Daily, to showcase Google Cloud serverless technologies such as Cloud Functions, App Engine, and Cloud Run. Into the mix, we’ve thrown a pinch of Pub/Sub for interservice communication, a zest of Firestore for storing picture metadata, and a touch of machine learning for a little bit of magic.


We also created a  hands-on workshop to build the application, and  slides with explanations of the technologies used. The workshop consists of codelabs that you can complete at your own pace. All the code is open source and available in a  GitHub repository. 

Initial event-driven architecture

The Pic-a-Daily application evolved progressively. As new services were added over time, a loosely-coupled, event-driven architecture naturally emerged, as shown in this architecture diagram:



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