How to Create PDF Reports with Python 

How to Create PDF Reports with Python 

Create PDF reports with beautiful visualizations in 10 minutes or less.How to Create PDF Reports with Python 

Reports are everywhere, so any tech professional must know how to create them. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task, which makes it a perfect candidate for automation with Python.

You can benefit from an automated report generation whether you’re a data scientist or a software developer. For example, data scientists might use reports to show performance or explanations of machine learning models.

This article will teach you how to make data-visualization-based reports and save them as PDFs. To be more precise, you’ll learn how to combine multiple data visualizations (dummy sales data) into a single PDF file.

And the best thing is — it’s easier than you think!

The article is structured as follows:

  • Data generation
  • Data visualization
  • Create a PDF page structure
  • Create PDF reports
  • Conclusion

You can download the Notebook with the source code here.

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