React Native Form Progress

React Native Form Progress

A react native component super useful in displaying progress when user is filling up forms like signup page, setting, information catering etc

React Native Form progress

A react native component super useful in displaying progress when user is filling up forms like signup page, setting, information catering etc


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npm i react-native-device-info
npm i react-native-form-progress
cd ios
pod install

for people using RN <= 0.59, please read the installation instruction from react-native-device-info repo


import ProgressBar from react-native-form-prorgress

And then


and just keep incrementing current progress

Working GIFS

ezgif com-video-to-gif


Prop Type Default Required description
hideProgressBar Boolean false No hides progress bar ( returns auxilary component)
colorOfProgressBar string 'black' No What Color do you want your progress bar to have
colorOfNonProgressBar string 'white' No the space progress bar is yet to take
defaultProgress number none Yes the current progress of your progress bar, increment this value on sucessful completion of event
totalNumberOfProgressBars number none Yes Typical this determines how many boxes should progress bar have in all together
heightOfProgressBar number 5 No what should be the height of your progress bar
SafeAreaViewDeciderProps object See below No Takes SafeAreaViewDeciderProps Props as an object
blink boolean true No Do you wan the progress bar to blink or not
durationForTheBlink false 500 No how fast you want the blink to happen

Props for Safe Area

Pass Safe Area props like this

    SafeAreaViewDeciderProps: {
        statusBarHiddenForNotch: false,
        statusBarHiddenForNonNotch: false,

Default value for Safe Area are

statusBarHiddenForNotch: false,
statusBarHiddenForNonNotch: false,

Download Details:

Author: blendtale

Source Code:

react-native react mobile-apps

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