Is the cloud for you? Risks and benefits of cloud computing

Is the cloud for you? Risks and benefits of cloud computing

Cloud is the future your company probably won't escape. Be ready now and learn how to handle it so you only reap the benefits of cloud computing.

One might say that cloud will, if not already has, become a standard. According to various statistics, 90% of companies use some type of cloud service, so business advantages of cloud computing are undeniable. In order to fully appreciate any cloud computing benefit, you need to take a closer look at your application. With proper optimisation and a set of services, you can take your product to the next level. Let’s see what can be done. 

What is cloud computing?

The term cloud computing can be interpreted ambiguously:

  • using unlimited computing resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space) that cloud provides
  • having your application working in the cloud environment

These two concepts are often confused and lead to misunderstandings over what the cloud is used for. If you were defining cloud as an enormous computing power only, you probably don’t need the cloud anyway – this type only makes sense with huge applications with even bigger algorithms and data processing systems.

Meanwhile, for a long time, the cloud hasn’t been used only because of the increased computing power but for completely different reasons. Let’s see what modern cloud computing allows for in the next paragraph.

What are the benefits of cloud computing

Going global

Your application works on the local market and you would like it to be available all over the world? It’s not a question of how many servers you have or how strong they are but how scattered they are around the world. If your business is Europe-based and you want to reach new clients in the United States, you’ll need a server in the US. It’s not a matter of computing power but more of how far the data has to travel. If it’s far, it can make your app run slowly. Especially if you need to download or upload large data.

With the cloud, this problem virtually disappears.

Cloud computing offers distributed solutions such as AWS or GCP that won’t slow down your application and allow for an easy transition to international markets.

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