Infrastructure to Code: Terraformer

What if I say, that you can just draw your cloud infrastructure in the web interface and get a terraform code? Don’t you believe me? Anton Babenko already did that in the project, just build your infra diagram on cloudcraft and get your terraform code. Sounds pretty nice, huh?

But what, if you already have some infrastructure and want to migrate it to the code? Or another case: you always created Datadog monitors manually, and now, you want to manage them as a code. There is a tool that could help you with that. Terraformer — a CLI tool that generates tf/json and tfstate files based on existing infrastructure.

Let’s talk a bit about the terraformer below.

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Are you surprised? Or not?

I’m not a terraformer developer, just used it in my job, and want to share some information about this great tool.


It’s quite rare that the entire infrastructure begins to be written from scratch. Usually, something is already added manually through the CLI or Web UI, some resources are added to terraform, etc.

IMHO, terraformer greatly facilitates process when you need to get any info about this infrastructure. Or, for example, you want to migrate from CloudFormation or something like that or do periodic checks for manual changes in the infrastructure.

About the terraformer project

The project is created and maintained by Sergey Lanzman, SRE from Google/Waze. The first public release was published on 2 May 2019. This release supported AWS and GCP.

At the time of this writing, terraformer supports 11 clouds and more than 10 providers like Kubernetes, Datadog, Keycloack, etc. The full list of supported providers is here.

More than 50 developers already contributed to this project, so we say that project is really alive and gets a lot of new features every day.

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Infrastructure to Code: Terraformer