Flutter App Development vs React Native Development

Flutter App Development vs React Native Development

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Flutter app development is a highly demanding mobile app development service. When mobile app development services had come into existence, Android was gaining huge popularity but as the time-lapse, technology has changed and flutter has become the prominent and widely used mobile app development technology for the past 2 years.

Benefits of Flutter Development

  • Same UI and business logic in all the platforms
  • Reduce code development time
  • Use single code for iOS and Android platform
  • Increased time-to-market speed
  • Own rendering engine
  • Simple-platform specific logic implementation
  • Similar to native app performance and more.

If you have an idea to start an online business and you are looking to make a quick entry into the market then hire flutter app developers from Orbit Edge who will provide assistance to start your dream project instantly. Team of experts with us having exclusive knowledge of flutter app development services and we pride ourselves to be India’s trusted flutter app development company. Using single code our dedicated developers can build an extremely interactive and robust mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

React Native Development service is used to create native mobile apps using React framework which is a famous open-source framework that runs on JavaScript. This is the product of Facebook. Various popular apps have built using this technology example- Facebook ads, Instagram, Skype.

Benefits of React Native App Development

  • Community support
  • Optimal Performance
  • Code reusability and pre-developed components
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Simplified UI
  • Third-party Plugin support
  • Modular architecture
  • Access to libraries and ready-made solutions.

Orbit Edge is a one-stop destination for React Native development solutions. Hire React Native developers from us who can provide you assistance in the full cycle of app development. Team Orbit Edge aids in-app conceptualization, development, and maintenance of the mobile application. To get more details about the selection of the platform, get in touch with Orbit Edge experts now.

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