Cannot send array to php via AJAX?

Cannot send array to php via AJAX?

Well I followed&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">this</a>&nbsp;question, but cannot send array to php it returns me always empty:

Well I followed this question, but cannot send array to php it returns me always empty:


            values = [];
            values['mpsRegnomer'] = $('#mpsRegnomer').val();
            values['mpsMarka'] = $('#mpsMarka').val();
            values['mpsMarkaOther'] = $('#mpsMarkaOther').val();
            values['engineType'] = $('#engineType').val();
            values['seatNumberInput'] = $('#seatNumberInput').val();
            values['carColor'] = $('#carColor').val();
            values['mpsChassiNum'] = $('#mpsChassiNum').val();
            values['mpsModel'] = $('#mpsModel').val();
            values['mpsModelOther'] = $('#mpsModelOther').val();
            values['mpsManufactureDate'] = $('#mpsManufactureDate').val();
            values['mpsfor'] = $('#mpsfor').val();
            values['VehicleType'] = $('#VehicleType').val();
            values['dvigatelInput'] = $('#dvigatelInput').val();
            values['engineMaxPower'] = $('#engineMaxPower').val();
            values['is_automatic'] = $('#is_automatic').val();

                type: 'POST',
                url: 'assets/clients/services/saveDataMPS.php',
                async: false,
                dataType: "JSON",
                data: {"values": JSON.stringify(values)},

console.log(values) show me that array is OK.

PHP code:


var_dump(json_decode($_POST["values"])); exit;

It returns me always empty, also tried only with var_dump($_POST); same result.. Where am I wrong?

Result from console.log(values):

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