Automatic Text Summarizer Using python

Automatic Text Summarizer Using python

Summarization condenses a longer document into a short version while retaining core information. When this is done through a computer, we call it Automatic Text Summarization. In this article, we will see how we can use automatic text summarization techniques to summarize text data.

Text summarization is the process of converting a longer document into a shorter version of it while retaining the core information of it. It is done by using computers and different algorithms, we called them automatic text summarizes. The process can be seen as compression of text without any loss to its core message.

Why summarize Texts?

There are many valid reasons for the need for summarizing text.

  1. Reduce Reading Time
  2. Improves Productivity
  3. Works Instantly
  4. Does not miss important facts
  5. Makes the Text investigation, outlines easy

Besides a summary, it enables users to identify the basic content of the paragraph or article quickly and accurately.

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