OpenCart Marketplace | Multi vendor | Multi seller | KnowBand

OpenCart Marketplace | Multi vendor | Multi seller | KnowBand

Transform your eCommerce store into a complete online marketplace with Knowband's OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace extension. OpenCart Marketplace plugin makes store management effortless and takes your business to new heights.

OpenCart Marketplace plugin by Knowband allows the store admin the privilege to cater to the larger range of audience. Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin for OpenCart store provides store owner with the chance to grow their online business. On an online shopping mall, multiple third-party merchants can come together to list and sell their products for sale. Store owners can generate and earn huge profit and income from the seller commission, order commission etc. OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace module offers more than 20+ email templates to update the store owners and sellers about the recent activities at the Marketplace. Store owner can customize the templates as per his choice. The online marketplace build by OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension offers store admin and sellers an individual dashboard to manage and monitor the inventory, orders and profiles. Store admin can set different commission level from the backend of the store. This is image title

Steps to upgrade your OpenCart store into Etsy, Amazon-like Marketplace are as under: 1.Buy the OpenCart Marketplace module from Knowband store. 2.Download and Unzip the addon. 3.Install the OpenCart Marketplace plugin. After the installation process is completed, the store owner can allow vendors to list their products at the newly build marketplace.

Features offered by OpenCart Marketplace module by Knowband: 1.Sellers can start listing their products only after the account registration request is approved by admin from the backend of the store. 2.Seller account and product approval request can be approved or disapproved by admin from the admin panel of the store. 3.Sellers profiles and admin profiles can be updated and maintained by seller and admin from their dashboards. 4.Seller products, orders and reviews of each seller can be tracked by admin from the admin dashboard. 5.OpenCart Marketplace extension offers Multi-languages compatibility and is supports all OpenCart themes. 6.Individual or global commission level on sellers is set by store owner from the admin dashboard. 7.Customer can check an extra checkbox to get themselves registered as sellers from the frontend of store. 8.Seller reviews and ratings can be easily monitored and managed from the backend of Marketplace. 9.Intuitive UI, Multiple payment and shipping options by OpenCart Marketplace offers a quick and smooth shopping experience to buyers. 10.Knowbands OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace addon offers an easy installation and configuration. 11.Marketplace extensions offer marketplace mobile app compatibility. 12.Knowband offers full 3 months support on its OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension.

For further detailed information, please refer to OpenCart Marketplace module User Guide In addition to OpenCart multi-vendor Marketplace plugin, Knowband offers marketplace extensions for Prestashop, Magento and Magento 2 platforms.

For further support or query, reach us at [email protected]

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