How to develop property management software for real estate

How to develop property management software for real estate

Property management systems offer tools for managing tenants, handling lease payments, increasing team efficiency. Find out how much time and money is needed to create software for property management.

When it comes to choosing a platform for property management automation, a business owner needs to ensure he’s not paying for various redundant features. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to miss out on tools that can increase management efficiency and redefine the way you handle day-to-day operations. To make an informed buying decision, take a look at a list of must-have features a top-tier property management platform should offer teams:

  1. Cloud-based access Property management software needs to be highly accessible — every team member should be able to take a look at the database outside of the office. That’s why opting for stationary tools will set your business back in terms of progress and will make it harder for the team to connect with tenants and keep tabs on their satisfaction. A cloud-based tool, on the other hand, doesn’t require on-premise server power, reduces downtime within the team, and increases every employee’s professional efficiency — work anywhere, anytime.

  2. Mobile accessibility With over 3 billion smartphones in the world, doing business via a mobile device model is common among teams. By choosing a mobile-friendly property management platform, you make it easier for employees to prepare for client meetings, process customer queries and complaints, and stay in touch with peers even outside of the workplace. Make sure a developer knows how to make a software for rental property management with an app for both Android and iOS smartphones.

  3. Tools for accounting automation Processing payments manually is highly inefficient. For one thing, it is a time-consuming process that doesn’t allow the team to focus on other activities — looking for tenants, processing leads, or maintaining a connection with the regulars. Also, the odds of losing concentration and making a mistake when processing multiple payments at once are extremely high. Automation allows the team to redirect their efforts at the tasks that require human empathy and attention, such as handling a communication channel, while the technology takes care of what it’s impeccable at — math and calculations.

  4. Inspections management Keeping tabs on the state of the business properties is an essential part of property management. A software tool should facilitate and increase the efficiency of the workflow. For instance, it should send automatic reminders when it’s time to inspect a property. A manager should create software for property management that allows logging inspection dates and outcomes into a database, accessible for the entire team. Top-tier property management tools are capable of calculating the shortest route from the office to the site, generating visually rich entry-exit reports, and keeping track of your daily inspection schedule.

  5. Legal compliance handling tools For property managers, following the regulations down to a tee is crucial. A property management platform has to offer documentation templates that help business owners keep a paper trail, send alerts for upcoming deadlines such as property tax payment or when documents are due, and check for discrepancies in the company’s trust account.

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