Make Your React Components Sortable

Make Your React Components Sortable

Easy and effective sorting

I was recently working on a code challenge that involved adding/removing items from a list as well as organizing them in a particular order. To avoid any extraneous navigation or elements, I decided to implement drag-and-drop logic in order to make my items easy to move from one position to another.

There are a lot of great libraries for drag-and-drop functionality in React, but some of them require a bit more configuration and offer more than I needed. Eventually, I ended up using react-sortable-hoc.


react-sortable-hoc is an easy-to-use library when you need a list of components to be sortable. I was able to incorporate it with my own components in just a few minutes. For this demo, we’ll be creating a to-do React app (original, I know). Let’s kick things off by installing the package with npm i react-sortable-hoc.

For this article, I will also be installing array-move, which is a convenient package that helps you move items to different positions in an array. react-sortable-hoc is not dependent on array-move. I am merely using it for convenience.

Below is an array of to-do items:

const todosInit = [
  {id: 1, content: 'content 1', isDone: false},
  {id: 2, content: 'content 2', isDone: false},
  {id: 3, content: 'content 3', isDone: false},
  {id: 4, content: 'content 4', isDone: false},
  {id: 5, content: 'content 5', isDone: false}

For the app, we have two components. ToDoItem will be the to-do item's component. ToDoList is the component that renders a list of ToDoItems. Now for the two components provided by react-sortable-hoc.

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