Go (Golang) REST API Example (Without Framework)

The Go (Golang) standard library offers a vast amount of primitives that can be applied to a variety of problems. One of them is the HTTP ServeMux, which is a request multiplexer and allows us to map a set to requests into handlers. By the end of this video we are going to:

  • See how to implement a simple REST API just with the Go standard library
  • Use the Go ServeMux type to route requests to handlers
  • Use minimal scaffolding to implement a basic JSON REST API

The ServeMux type is the main component of our API as it allows us to route set of requests into handlers based on the request pattern. Although the pattern matching is limited and we have to do a fair amount of work to map requests to handlers based on regular expressions and http methods, we can easily add the missing pieces with little extra work

Golang REST API Example - https://golang.cafe/blog/golang-rest-api-example.html

Source Code - https://play.golang.org/p/fbr87Ktb0kQ

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Go (Golang) REST API Example (Without Framework)