21 React Project Ideas for Beginners

21 React Project Ideas for Beginners

We know it’s not easy for beginners to know the best React projects they can implement on their journey to become a pro. That’s why we will be concentrating on bringing React project ideas that will help you out in this article.

For some weeks now, you have been putting in a lot of effort in understanding how JavaScript and React library work, and you have come to a point where you feel you have known them to some extent but don’t know the next thing to do. Until you can bridge the gap between knowing the basics of React and becoming a professional developer, this will certainly occur to you.

You may know how to use JavaScript and React framework and don’t a clue of what you can do with them. A lot of developers experience this, so it’s common in the world of programming. But how do you overcome this? It’s simple; the only way to reach your desired peak in programming is to start working on projects or building applications. Because it’s through trying out some project ideas, you will certainly know how to develop applications on your own with the perfect tools in the React environment or you can use Readymade React templates in case you don’t want to start your project from scratch.

We know it’s not easy for beginners to know the best React projects they can implement on their journey to become a pro. That’s why we will be concentrating on bringing React project ideas that will help you out in this article. Stay glued to this page, stroll up as we introduce them to you!

1. Messaging Application

Most importantly, the idea here is to create a platform that facilitates conversations between two or more people in real-time. We are all familiar with going to these applications to do instant messaging because its importance (real-time) is totally in place. So when you are building a messaging app with React, you should put that at the back of your mind.


Add Direct Messaging to Your App Using React, Redux & Socket.io


  • You can choose to use either Firebase, AWS Amplify, or Hasura for carrying out the sending and receiving messages in real-time
  • Furthermore, an important thing like npm emoji-mart package will allow users to be able to send emojis in their messages
  • In conclusion, you can decide to use any related software to build this application

2. Productivity Applications

Beginners won’t find this project difficult to create because it’s relatively so simple to accomplish. Anyone developing a productivity application is creating it for enhancing productivity – the idea is as simple as that. For example, productivity applications include time management apps, note-taking applications, task list applications, etc.


  • You can simply use React to develop a web-based application for this idea
  • Most importantly, it’s advisable you start building this particular project with simple features to help you ease your work at first and also aid your learning

3. Entertainment Applications

There are many entertainment applications around us today, for example, Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Tik Tok, etc. Each of these applications doesn’t offer the same media content – they are not the same in any way. Our aim here isn’t to create any of them but develop simpler ones. Our project idea here is to tell you to create any entertainment application of your choice that will allow users to log-in to view and save the content they like.


  • Most importantly, you must have created spaces for basic features to allow users to like, share and comment on the content of the application

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