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Spotify Clone: Spotify Web Clone with React and Tailwind CSS

Spotify Clone

React + Tailwind kullanarak Spotify'ın web versiyonun arayüzünün klonudur.

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  • useMemo()

Memoization; aynı girdiler için aynı işlevler çağrıldığında işlevin tekrardan çağrılmadan saklanılmış olan sonucun döndülmesine denir. Bu tekniğin React hook'u olarak kullanılmasını sağlayan işlev: ueMemo(). Verilen girdilerin durumlarına göre önceden üretilen sonuçları döndürür.

  • useNavigate()

Router, SPA uygulamalarda sayfalar arası gezinmek için kullanılan yapıdır. Belirtilen linkler üzerinden ilgili sayfaya geçmeye yardımcı olur. bir React router hook'u olan useNavigate, geçmiş nesnesine erişir ve belirli Url ile ileri veya geri sayfalara gitmeye yardımcı olur.

  • useRef()

Dom ögelerine veya react elementlerine erişmemize yardımcı olur. Oluşturulan ref ile js'deki selectorlar gibi dom elelmanlarına erişmeyi sağlar. Ref verilen öge üzreinde gerçeklerşen olayları useRef ile kontrol edilir.


Events Managements

  • stopPropagation()

React da bir olay yöneticisinde olay yayılımını durdurmak için gerekli sekilde tetiklenmelidir. stopPropagation() tetiklenen olay zincirini keser. Birbirini etkileyen olaylar tanımlandığında bu etkinin ortadan kaldırılmasında yardımcı olur. Olaylar arasındaki zincir bağı kopar ve birbirlerinin tetiklemesi önlenir.


  • Tailwind

Özelleştirilebilir yapıya sahip bir CSS framework.

  • Headless UI

Tailwind CSS ile güzel bir şekilde entegre olacak şekilde tasarlanmış, tamamen stilsiz, tamamen erişilebilir UI bileşenleri.

Download Details:

Author: zeynep-dmrl
Source Code: https://github.com/zeynep-dmrl/spotify-react-clone

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Spotify Clone: Spotify Web Clone with React and Tailwind CSS
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How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

If you are undertaking a mobile app development for your start-up or enterprise, you are likely wondering whether to use React Native. As a popular development framework, React Native helps you to develop near-native mobile apps. However, you are probably also wondering how close you can get to a native app by using React Native. How native is React Native?

In the article, we discuss the similarities between native mobile development and development using React Native. We also touch upon where they differ and how to bridge the gaps. Read on.

A brief introduction to React Native

Let’s briefly set the context first. We will briefly touch upon what React Native is and how it differs from earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework that Facebook has created. You can use this open-source framework to code natively rendering Android and iOS mobile apps. You can use it to develop web apps too.

Facebook has developed React Native based on React, its JavaScript library. The first release of React Native came in March 2015. At the time of writing this article, the latest stable release of React Native is 0.62.0, and it was released in March 2020.

Although relatively new, React Native has acquired a high degree of popularity. The “Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019” report identifies it as the 8th most loved framework. Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg are some of the top companies that use React Native.

The popularity of React Native comes from its advantages. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Performance: It delivers optimal performance.
  • Cross-platform development: You can develop both Android and iOS apps with it. The reuse of code expedites development and reduces costs.
  • UI design: React Native enables you to design simple and responsive UI for your mobile app.
  • 3rd party plugins: This framework supports 3rd party plugins.
  • Developer community: A vibrant community of developers support React Native.

Why React Native is fundamentally different from earlier hybrid frameworks

Are you wondering whether React Native is just another of those hybrid frameworks like Ionic or Cordova? It’s not! React Native is fundamentally different from these earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is very close to native. Consider the following aspects as described on the React Native website:

  • Access to many native platforms features: The primitives of React Native render to native platform UI. This means that your React Native app will use many native platform APIs as native apps would do.
  • Near-native user experience: React Native provides several native components, and these are platform agnostic.
  • The ease of accessing native APIs: React Native uses a declarative UI paradigm. This enables React Native to interact easily with native platform APIs since React Native wraps existing native code.

Due to these factors, React Native offers many more advantages compared to those earlier hybrid frameworks. We now review them.

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A simple process of developing music streaming app like Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming app that allows users to listen to music without downloading. Daniel Ek founded it in 2006. In 2015, its net worth was more than $5 billion. The Spotify company has received $½ billion as a fund from 17 investors. But, currently the additional amount of $500 million has been added to the fund.

Spotify is not the first one to enter the online music service industry. But, it was an innovator by implementing marketing approaches, technology, and subscriptions. Due to these, it has become the preferable music streaming app among users across 170 countries.

The success of Spotify, a music streaming service app

The growth of Spotify is skyrocketing. Let us see the net worth of Spotify now.

In 2011, the Spotify app had 2.5 million subscribers and 500,000 premium users who have registered since its partnership with Facebook’s Open Graph.

In 2012, the number of subscribers had increased and its net worth per month is $20 million.

In 2013, it had 6 million subscribers with 24 million active users. And, it has grown to 15 million subscribers with 45 million free users in 2015.

Since the user base started to rise in 2011, they announced that music streaming services would be limited to 10 hours for a month after listening to unlimited music of 6 months. Later in 2014, this limitation was removed.

In 2020, Spotify hit 155 million subscribers and its net worth is $9.5 billion.

In 2021, the revenue from the Spotify app is expected to reach $10.83 billion.

This clearly shows that the number of subscribers has increased and the app’s revenue is also increasing.

How is Spotify generating revenue?

Do you want which revenue model Spotify follows? They follow a freemium model that is the app is accessible for both free and paid users. Notably, the majority of users stream music via mobile apps.

Paid users can listen to music without any advertisements. Apart from that, premium users can access songs offline and other additional features. They offer many premium options for users. On the other hand, free users encounter ads between every five to six songs.

Also, they adopted several innovative advertising formats to make money out of their app. Available ad formats are listed below.

  • Audio ad
  • Display
  • Homepage takeover
  • Branded playlist
  • Sponsored session
  • Video takeover
  • Advertiser page

The success story of Spotify has inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business and jump into the online music streaming market with an app like Spotify.

How to create a music streaming app like Spotify?

Spotify clone app development empowers you to launch the app that suits your business requirements. Here is the process in brief.

Conduct market analysis

Frame your business plan by conducting market research. Also, know your target audience and competitors. This helps you to come up with unique business ideas.

Share your business plan with a mobile app development company/team

Collaborate with a mobile app development company for developing the Spotify clone app. Upon discussing your business idea with them, they help to frame a successful plan to implement.

Nowadays, apps are developed in two different methods. Developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming process and you have to invest more. On the flip side, using the Spotify clone script is beneficial. The pros of this solution are customizable, scalable, ready-to-use, time-effective, and less expensive.

Incorporate the features that are essential for the Spotify clone app development. Make the app design simple and attractive as it gets more attention from users. To make your music streaming app stand out from the other apps, integrate additional features upon analyzing the current market trends.

The robust features to consider while developing the Spotify clone app are listed below.

  • Individual profiles
  • Social media integration
  • Search songs
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Trending tracks
  • Statistics

Also, you can consider adding the following advanced features to your app.

  • Push notifications
  • Radio stations
  • Podcasts
  • Behavior tracking
  • Membership plans

Deploying your app

Once done with the app design and development, it is ready to deploy. Choose a platform for your app to launch. Before deployment, make sure your app is tested for technical and logical errors. If there is any, fix them and launch the bug-free Spotify clone app.

Post-launch, check the performance of your app regularly. With the collective analysis of the customer’s ratings and reviews to the app, update the version of it accordingly.

Final note

As a pioneer in mobile app development, we offer a world-class Spotify clone app solution that empowers you to start a music streaming service business.

We have 8+ years of expertise in this field. Apart from creating an error-free app, we install the app on a server with hosting capabilities. Most importantly, the source code that we have used to develop the app will be available to you after app deployment.

Associate with us for Spotify clone app development and get your music streaming app.

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Triumph Your Success In Music Industry With The Spotify Clone App

With the evolution of technology, physical recordings have become the past nowadays. Approximately 86 percent of consumers are listening to music using on-demand streaming platforms.

It is the best option for anyone in the entertainment industry to start developing a Spotify Clone app as their new venture because of these apps’ popularity.

To develop an app like Spotify, you have to know about the revenue model and know about the revenue that it can bring you.

Revenue models:
The revenue model of the app can be of two different types. In the case of Spotify, the app gets most of the revenue from ads and subscriptions.

The freemium music apps would provide the user with basic features if tried for free, but the users will have to pay for availing of some additional features.
The premium features include:
No ads
Offline streaming
Limitless skips
High-quality audio

However, for apps that don’t offer a free ad-supported option, the paid subscriptions are the primary source of income. Example: Tidal app also has paid plans. But when the trial period ends, users must pay for the subscription.

To earn revenue with a free app or plan, you can let third-party brands play ads in your app.

Some supported ad formats can be:

Audio: These ads will occur between the audio streaming

Video: Several types of ads can be made available in the app. Example: For Sponsored Session ads, users will be shown advertisements that offer them ad-free listening for 30 minutes.

Display: These types of ads will be appearing while the user returns to the app.

Get the top-notch app using Spotify Clone script from Appdupe that lets you launch your app in the shortest period of time. Hurry!

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christian bale


Reinvent the music streaming industry with a Spotify Clone app

The music streaming industry evolved with the people’s needs. Yes, the music streaming apps have changed the way people listen to music. People are getting an effortless experience of listening to music in just a few clicks with modern technologies.

In earlier days, people used Walkman and CD players to stream music. But nowadays, people opt for Spotify and Gaana as this facilitates them to stream music whenever necessary at any time.

For an entrepreneur who wishes to invest in music streaming apps, Clone app solutions can be an ideal choice as this lets you enter the remunerative sector instantly.

Spotify is currently the popular music streaming service provider with more than 356 million monthly users and 158+ million paying subscribers. Being a pioneer, it revolutionized the industry and gave a seamless experience to the users.

Replicating this same concept with changes could help to draw attention from a larger user base. For example, Spotify Clone is a tailor-made audio streaming app solution that lets you launch your own app in the wink.

Let’s get insights into the Spotify Clone app

Spotify Clone Script is a white-label solution that is readily available for launch. Moreover, it can be customizable and scalable that fits your business requirements. Therefore, even after deployment, it can be modified by including new features and deleting existing features.

Features make the app unique and pave the way to stand out from the competitors in the market. However, understanding the recent market trends, knowing the users’ preferences, and analysing the competitors helps to frame a unique plan. So, yes, ideation is the key element to initiate a successful venture in the ever-changing environment.

Technology stack is another important element to be considered during Spotify Clone app development. Keep in mind to pack your app with top notch-features and build it using cutting-edge technologies. A few of the considerable features are listed below.

Advanced features

Radio stations
Push notifications
Behaviour tracking

Robust features
Social media integration
Search songs
Trending tracks
Personalized suggestions
Profile creation

The interactive user interface plays a significant role in the app’s success. This eliminates users from having a second thought of switching to other music streaming apps.

In business, it comes down to generating revenue by offering user satisfaction. There are various ways to earn revenue from your app. Some popular monetization strategies are in-app advertisements, subscription, and premium services.

In short, there are numerous benefits of the Spotify Clone app. Undoubtedly, you have a high probability of earning more revenue from your music streaming app.

Take the next step by approaching a mobile app development company. Discuss your ideas and get the app designed & developed as per your needs.

Final note

Spotify is the fastest-growing music streaming service provider, which has gained huge popularity across the world. It is expected that the net worth of the audio streaming market will reach $17.50 billion by 2025.

However, it is quite difficult to compete with the big players. Though, implementing unique strategies pave the way for you to sustain in this market. Summing up, invest less in the Spotify Clone and gain more profits in return.

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Rule the industry with a social audio app like Spotify Greenroom

This year, Spotify has launched a separate app “Greenroom”, which is the revamped version. It is now available on both Android and iOS for download. This app is somewhat similar to Clubhouse, which is an audio-based social networking app.

Spotify Greenroom is a newly launched social audio app that lets the hosts/participants have live discussions about anything with artists and fans who have similar interests. As of now, it is available for free access and accessible in over 135 markets.

Users are able to join Greenroom using the Spotify login details or create a new account upon installing the Spotify Greenroom app. It comes with recording capabilities so that the users can complement their content with live conversations. This app allows the users to create a room and join a group/room to start a live audio chat.

Let’s see how the Spotify Greenroom works

Greenroom offers a live audio experience for both hosts and participants in a live chat room. As mentioned earlier, it can also be accessed using Spotify login information. In addition, Spotify added the feature to record to supplement the entertainment with live discussions. One such promising feature lets the users limit the participants whenever needed.

This platform has different groups for various topics like celebrity news, NBA, comedy, and many more. Users can choose the group based on their interests and join it. The active Greenroom groups will be displayed on the home screen.

Despite this, users can check the calendar to know the available rooms and create a reminder for the same. In addition, recordings will be available through an email that Spotify sent once the session gets over.

Spotify’s Creator Fund helps live audio creators monetize their work. The revenue for them will elevate when the number of participants who visit the room increases.

As of now, Greenroom is available in English. Spotify intended to begin in areas like music, culture, sports, and entertainment.

Opt for the Spotify Clone app

Do you want to launch a similar app like Spotify Greenroom? Spotify Clone Script is a readily available solution that lets you launch an app in no moment. Instead of developing the app from the ground, it would be pretty good to prefer the Spotify Clone app. This is both a pocket-friendly and time-conserving process.

Necessary features in the Spotify Greenroom app to be considered during Spotify Clone app development

The app lets the users log in to Greenroom simply by tapping the Continue with Spotify button. If the users do not have a Spotify account, they can sign up for free upon installing the Greenroom app.
Participants in the room can give gems by double-tapping the profile icon of the speaker. The gems earned by the speakers will be displayed in their profile. Gems added will not be removed or taken back.
The Create Room button will be at the bottom of the home page. This lets anyone start a new room for live audio conversations.
The person who creates the room will be a host, and the others who are joining the room will be the participants. The host has the option to invite others to the created room and go live.
Users can join a room that is active at that moment.
The app sends a message to the users when the group they have joined or the person they follow starts a live room via push notifications. This feature improves users’ engagement.
In general, a room has a host, speakers, and listeners. Unless the host disables the discussions tab, anyone in the room can speak.
Listeners in the room can show their interest to speak using the hand-raising feature.
This app allows the users to block other users by tapping the block option and continue with the on-screen instructions.
For any queries, users have to send an email to the support.

Summing up

There is a huge demand for an audio-based social networking app in today’s world as this is a new and trending concept. Taking this as an advantage, Spotify introduced Greenroom app that is definitely a successful niche nowadays. Are you interested in developing a similar app like Spotify Greenroom? That’s great! Join hands with a trustworthy mobile app development company and opt for the Spotify Clone app.

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