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Reading Excel Data using Fillo API in Selenium

Reading or writing data is one of the most commonly used operations, either fetching values from database tables or fetching values from an excel sheet. it’s will help you to have a Reading Excel Data using Fillo API in Selenium.

Fillo API

  • Fillo is a Java API that is used for fetching data from Excel Files. It’s an open source API(created by Codoid) and it’s also help to Reading the Excel data using Fillo API in selenium. This API can be used to trigger select, insert, and update operations with where conditions. It also supports multiple where conditions.This makes data retrieval and data manipulation much easy when dealing with data-driven automated scripts.

Why Fillo API?

  • We used to use Jxl API earlier for doing parameterise, later Apache POI came into the market and in both of these API’s we need to write big code, to traverse the rows and columns and fetch the values stored in an excel sheet But now with this new Fillo API, there’s no need to worry about the size of rows and columns, everything will be taken care of by the API internally.
  • Fillo API support CURD operation with SQL queries but Apache POI support CURD operation with lot of java programming code.

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Reading Excel Data using Fillo API in Selenium