Introduction to TensorFlow

Introduction to TensorFlow

Learn how to use Google’s ML titan .Introduction to TensorFlow

TensorFlow is one of the two titan frameworks in machine learning and data science. To operate effectively in either field, you need to become very familiar with TensorFlow or PyTorch — preferably both.

We will be focusing on the basics of TensorFlow in this article — there are no prerequisites other than an appetite to learn.

To be more specific, we will be speaking primarily about the high-level wrapper that we can call Keras. If you don’t know what that means, you will soon.

We will cover:

> TensorFlow and Keras

> Functional v Sequential Approach
  - Sequential
  - Functional
> Layered Approach
> Key Methods
  - Summary
  - Preparation for Training
    1\. Optimizer
    2\. Loss Function
    3\. Metrics
  - Training
> Full Example Walkthrough
  - Preprocessing
  - Model
  - Results

If you prefer video, this article contains several short videos where I explain and work through each section.

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