How to Build Your Own Micro-Frontend App with Single-SPA and React

How to Build Your Own Micro-Frontend App with Single-SPA and React

Learn how to build your own micro-frontend app from scratch using the single-spa framework and React. Micro-frontends are the future of front end web development. Depending on the micro-frontend framework you choose, you can even have multiple micro-frontend apps — written in React, Angular, Vue, or anything else — coexisting peacefully together in the same larger app.

There’s been a lot of debate over the past couple years around microservices. As a result of this debate, all now know the pros and cons surrounding this concept, as well as the consequences of blindly adopting it for every single project.

Well, the same debate exists for micro-frontends. The term itself says a lot: it gives you the ability to break your frontend into smaller pieces that make sense. This will allow you to test, build, develop, and deploy those pieces faster, since they’re independent.

This term first entered the public lexicon in the famous ThoughtWorks Tech Radar in 2016. This extended the concept from the backend to the frontend.

Today, there’s plenty of frontend developers working on the same projects, or projects that must integrate at some point. Ultimately, developers want to be able to use frameworks or libraries that allow you to build a whole application with lots of pieces (components) built by different people.

Rather than components, we have entire applications integrating like pieces of a puzzle.

You can read more on micro-frontends here. For this article, however, we’ll focus on the practical side. In other words, we’ll cover how to create your first micro-fronted app from scratch using single-spa and React.

Single-spa is a JavaScript router for frontend microservices (that’s another common term they’re known by).

It simplifies the construction of your micro-frontends by allowing the integration of multiple applications built on top of all types of frameworks (Vue, Angular, React, plain HTML/JS/CSS, etc.). Let’s take a closer look!

The app we’ll build

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to build your micro-frontend apps, following up closely the steps presented here.

This is the application we’ll build:

A completed micro-frontend application built with single-spa and React.

Micro-frontend application.

Note that we’ve highlighted the screen into sections — each one corresponds to a different application.

  • App header + menus: those will be managed by the logrocket-single-spa-navbar application
  • Home’s body: managed by the logrocket-single-spa-homepage app
  • About Us page: managed by the logrocket-single-spa-aboutpage app
  • Contact page: managed by the logrocket-single-spa-contactpage app

This is a great example to explore the way the framework deals with the integration of many apps into a single app.

The footer of the page won’t change, so we’ll leave it for the root application.

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