Advantages Of Go Language For Creating Web Servers

Advantages Of Go Language For Creating Web Servers

Golang in your projectLooking to help bridge the information gap about different Go programming language. High-level Pros of using Go. Advantages of Go Language for creating web Servers. The Go programming language is great choice for web server development and beyond.

Use Go in your projectLooking to help bridge the information gap about different development languages, we sat down with Michael, one of our project managers, and asked him a few questions about the Go development language or GoLang. We’re going to explain where it is used, why it is useful, and some benefits associated with Go from a development and app performance standpoint.

High-level pros of using Go

  • It’s straightforward to learn. Really any programmer who has a development background with other languages like Java, C, or C++ can learn it easily.
  • The syntax, or rules that define the language for Go, is neat and clean, making it easier to understand when something is not working right.
  • Go is also very fast and lightweight.

How much faster is Go compared to something like Java?

Go directly compiles into the native binary of the host machine. It’s not like Java that compiles into bytecode. With Java you need to have a virtual machine installed on the server to run the bytecode, making it a two-step process. 

One speed example would be when calculating the factorial of a number. For example, if you write a Go and a Java program to calculate the factorial of 10,000 numbers, the Go program will do that process in around .03 seconds, while the Java program will do it in around .14 seconds.

So, you can see the difference here, and even when the number increases, Go will do the calculations in a fraction of the time that Java takes. The larger the program, the more you can see the differences.

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