【Marketing Automation For B2C】 Integrating by Apiway

【Marketing Automation For B2C】 Integrating by Apiway

Marketing Automation For B2C ⏩ Free integrating by Apiway platform ✅ Get best software and connect it with your favorite apps

Repeat sales are a key business process for building a sustainable and prosperous business. Repeat sales - increasing your customer base by constantly converting “new” customers into “regular” ones. Many businesses sell their goods and services to both legal entities and individuals. To increase the conversion of “new” buyers into “regular” ones, it is useful to separate the b2b (legal entities) and b2c (individuals) segments in order to work with them in different ways. The purpose of the article is to identify the features of repeat sales in the b2c segment. What is B2C model B2c companies include everyone who sells goods and services intended for personal, family, household or other use that is not related to business. In most modern businesses, b2c sales are essential. Features of working with B2C A notable feature of the b2c segment is a faster decision-making process, a simpler paperwork procedure and a smaller amount of transactions. For this reason, many sellers (and companies), as a rule, are dismissive of compliance with CRM procedures when working with individuals. Often, a new counterparty is not created in CRM https://apiway.ai/categories/marketing-automation-for-b2c and the history of interaction with a specific individual is not recorded. Sellers choose “Private” and do not save phone numbers or mail. This is mistake! First tip: start capturing the names and contact details of your customers! Each client is important, so you need to keep records with each individual individually. Thanks to these steps, you will be able to see purchase statistics, collect recommendations and reviews on the site. Second tip: use payment by link or using a QR code. These services have long come into use, and often they are provided by your bank and you do not have to pay an additional commission. As a last resort, you can send the invoice as a PDF file or details in text. Third tip: be sure to try to get customer feedback. The buyer sees your strengths and weaknesses like no other. By asking the client a couple of questions after completing the purchase, you can get an answer and understand what can be improved in your company in terms of service, product, etc. In repeat sales, after-sales service and post-purchase communication are important tools. In addition to receiving feedback, these can be mailings with catalogs of new products, offers for discounts and promotions, draws with prizes, discount cards. All this is designed for long-term interaction with the buyer.


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