Create Hacking Wordlists using Crunch

Create Hacking Wordlists using Crunch

It's easy to create hacking wordlists using crunch. But is it the best way?

It's easy to create hacking wordlists using crunch. But is it the best way?


  • Use prebuilt wordlists in Kali Linux: 0:00
  • Kali Wordlists: 0:22
  • rockyou.txt wordlist: 0:35
  • nmap wordlist: 0:57
  • Crunch options: 1:08
  • crunch wordlist example 1 (1 to 5 characters): 1:38
  • crunch wordlist example 2 (8 characters): 2:48
  • man crunch: 4:34
  • crunch wordlist example 3 (1 to 5 with lower/upper/numbers): 5:02
  • GPU bruteforce: 5:30
  • crunch wordlist example 4 (8 upper/lower/numbers): 7:20
  • crunch wordlist example 5 (special characters): 8:11
  • Why you should use rockyou: 9:20

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