10 Sureshot Ways to make the most out of your IT Job portal

10 Sureshot Ways to make the most out of your IT Job portal

So you have finally signed up on an online IT job portal and you want to make your dream IT career hit the road! But you can’t seem to get a head start despite applying for hundreds of listings on the IT job portal

So you have finally signed up on an online IT job portal and you want to make your dream IT career hit the road! But you can’t seem to get a head start despite applying for hundreds of listings on the IT job portal and you really don’t know where you are going wrong. This is a common scenario because thanks to the huge number of IT job seekers in India, you are just a plankton in a vast and crowded sea. This is where intelligent strategizing comes in and here are a few ways in which you can stay ahead of competing IT job applicants:

Precise Search and Research

You need to do an in-depth research before zeroing in on the IT job portal of your choice because not every website is the right fit for every candidate. You should use a comprehensive search engine that compares different IT job boards so that you can make an informed decision about which IT job portal works best for you.

Use search filters to filter out the good!

Don’t use generic words while you are searching for a job on the IT job portal and instead use search filters like Jobs based on Skills or Jobs based on Location to figure which job postings are ideal for you. You can even use advanced filters like experience range, CTC, precise location and others to add another layer of customization to your IT job search.

Stay alert in your Inbox!

You need to constantly stay up-to-date about the latest job postings on the IT job portal so that you don’t miss out on anything even when you are travelling. The best way to do this is to avail the email job alerts feature on your IT job portal because this will ensure that you can reach out to potential employers within hours of them posting about a job requirement.

Choose with precision!

Randomly sending out your resume to every single company you can possibly find can be really frustrating and this will not make you stand out in an overcrowded IT job market. This is exactly why you should be choosy about potential companies. Go for the vacancies and organizations which specifically require your area of expertise.

Don’t get scammed while you are it!

IT job portals try their best to remove scammers from their lists but sometimes you might be unable to figure out whether a job offer is genuine or not. It is best to exercise caution before divulging any confidential details to a potential employer you connect to on a IT job portal.

An impressive cover letter is the key

Every day, thousands of job aspirants apply for a job through the same IT job portal you are on! The only way you can make your application count is through an informative and yet personalized cover letter. If you can specifically tailor make it according to the company you are sending it to, then it will surely create a lot of impact!

Make sure your updated resume is up!

If you want your application to get noticed amidst the flurry of applications that reach the HR departments of IT companies every day, make sure that you have a properly formatted, designed and completely updated resume up on the IT job portal for companies to access.

Be doubly sure to double check

If you are uploading something on the IT job portal, please make sure that it is completely free from silly mistakes like typos and grammatical problems! You don’t want to ruin a perfect first impression and dilute the impact of your job application

Do a background check on the companies

If you want to really be one step ahead of the game, start researching on the companies who are looking for candidates on the IT job portal. This will ensure that you can personalize your job application according to the company in question and make sure you have an edge over other aspirants on the online IT job portal.

Know what you are expecting!

Set your salary expectations ready beforehand because this is the first thing a company will ask you when they make an offer. You can use salary comparison boards on the internet to reach your conclusion.

An online IT Job Portal is a glorious place to be in if you are looking for your dream IT job, but you need to be tactically ahead of your competition if you want to ace the race!


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