React Datepicker Example | How To Use Datepicker In React

React Datepicker Example | How To Use Datepicker In React

React datepicker is reusable datepicker component.  React does not have a datepicker module but we can use the react-datepicker third-party library.

React datepicker is a simple and reusable datepicker component. React does not have a datepicker module but we can use the react-datepicker third-party library. There are many other packages available, but for this demo, we are using the React Date Picker package.

React Datepicker Example

As we have discussed earlier, we are using a package called  react-datepicker.

You’ll need to install React and PropTypes separately since those dependencies aren’t included in the package.

If you need to use a locale other than the default en-US, you’ll also need to import that into your project from date-fns (see Localization section below).

You will also need to require the CSS file from this package (or provide your own).

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