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7 Tricks to Stay Focused While Studying

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So you’ve found the perfect time and place to study and you’re ready to finally get some work done. You’ve pulled out your laptop, your textbook, and your notes, and four different highlighters. After five minutes of reading your textbook, you start zoning out and thinking about puppies. Then, you go on Tumblr and look at cute puppy photos for half an hour. Then you come across DIY dorm décor on Tumblr and spend another half an hour looking at those. Then you start thinking about your own dorm and start rearranging furniture and organizing your closet. Next thing you know, it’s 2 am and you’re tired so you just tell yourself you’ll wake up early to finish the rest of your studying (and we all know how that story ends).
I went through this cycle for the first couple of months when I started my first semester of college. After I saw my grades plummeting, I decided to put those days behind me and start taking control of my studying habits by following these simple tricks to increase my focus. Everyone is different so maybe not all 7 will help you, but try to tackle a few to see if they help you stay focused!

  1. Put the phone out of sight

My cell phone was my biggest distraction. Even when I put it on silent, I would still pick it up every five minutes to check if I had a notification or scroll through social media. I started to realize that the only times I stayed focused on my studying were when my phone was charging on the other side of my dorm. I couldn’t see it and I couldn’t hear it, so I didn’t think about it. My mind shifted its focus from my phone to my notes. So put your phone out of sight, because the expression “Out of sight, out of mind” is so very true in this case!
2. Use a timer

This is very useful for students who study from a laptop or tablet and often get distracted by going on YouTube, Facebook, etc. By using this method, I finished my work 2 hours earlier than before! Open your device’s clock or timer app/program and set the timer to the amount of time that you believe is a good amount to study for one particular class. Once you start the timer, you can’t change it! Leave the timer open and visible while you study. This helps minimize distractions by reminding yourself you only have X minutes left to finish your studying, so it isn’t a good idea to spend 20 of them on Facebook. Try to study everything before the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out you have to move on to the material for the next class, even if you’re not finished. When you’ve timed yourself for the rest of your classes, go back to the one(s) you didn’t finish and repeat.
3. Keep yourself alert

Sometimes we lose focus simply because the material bores us to sleep or we’re just too tired to pay attention to what we’re studying. Keep yourself alert by eating a snack (granola bar, fruit, or nuts), taking a power nap (no more than 45 minutes), having a cup of coffee, or even exercising. If these methods don’t work, use the old-fashioned method of splashing cold water on your face!
4. Use rewards

Only you know the best way to reward yourself. Whether it’s ice cream, partying, or going to the movies with your friends, make this a reward for finishing your work. A good idea is to create a reward that is already available to you before you start studying, something that is “within reach” as they say. For example, I LOVE Oreo Thins. I bought a pack of Oreo Thins and kept it in my dorm, but I only allowed myself to have some after I finished my tasks. Knowing that the Oreos were already there waiting for me, I was more willing to stay focused on what I had to study.
5. Break it up

Don’t try to study everything for one class for 4 hours straight. Break it up into segments, with short 15 minute breaks in between. Use these 15 minutes to take a power nap, check your phone, read your favorite book, or even go for a walk. By doing this, you avoid burnout and refresh your mind so it can stay on track when you get back to work. It’s also a good time to reward yourself if you set little studying goals to be completed before each break!
6. Don’t study with friends

Once you find your perfect study spot, try to refrain from inviting friends to study with you there. When I tried to study with friends, I thought we would be productive with double or triple the brain power, but the anticipated study session just turned into chat time. Instead, study on your own and then meet up with friends to test each other on what you studied. Testing your knowledge before a test will give you an extra memory boost, and your friends can test you in a way you might not have thought about! This method definitely helped me during finals week.
7. Play focusing music

Focusing music is essentially non-distracting “background” music and doesn’t have lyrics. This may not work for everyone but it works for me because when I study in complete silence, I start thinking about things other than what I’m studying. You can listen to alpha wave music designed for staying concentrated and increasing brain power, or you can listen to other kinds! I listen to a cinematic background music playlist on YouTube when I study. It kinda makes me feel like I’m in a movie and the fate of our world depends on me passing my test tomorrow, so I have no other choice but to focus!
Hopefully some, if not all, of these tricks help you while you study and eventually improve your grades! What are some tricks that you use to keep yourself focused?

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Ray Patel


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Jack Salvator

Jack Salvator


New Angular 7 Features With Example - Info Stans

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Here, we have listed new Angular 7 features with examples and write the difference between Angular 6 and Angular 7.

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Python for Freight Forwarding: Proven Case Study for Logistics Company

Python is a popular web development language for enterprise and customer-centric applications. It is one of the top programming languages, according to TIOBE’s index. It has applications in web development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and other domains. The versatility of Python web development makes it the perfect language for applications in every project.

Amidst the hundreds of languages for web application development, Python stands out. It is powerful, scalable, and easy-to-learn. Python’s capabilities are useful in every sector — technology, FinTechHealthTechfreight forwarding industry, and more. The core functionality of Python takes care of all the programming tasks for every feature that needs to be added.

In this article, we will focus on the major aspects of Python that make it suitable for web applications of all kinds. We will then highlight the proficiency of Python using a proven case study that Python developers at BoTree have built. It is a freight forwarding software for international logistics service provider that uses Python in the main technology stack.

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Let’s look at the case study and capabilities of Python in detail.

Why choose Python for Web Development

Python is now the first choice for web development, Unlike Ruby on Rails, it offers more flexibility in the process, Here are a few reasons why companies should choose Python for web development -

  • Readable: Python has an easily readable syntax. It is similar to the english language. Python developers admire the programming language as it is easy to read, write, and understand. You don’t have to write additional code to express concepts with ease. The emphasis on code readability, which enables you to maintain and update the code.
  • Multi-programming paradigms: Like all the other object-oriented and open-source programming languages, Python supports multi-programming paradigms. There’s a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. It simplifies the process of building large and complex enterprise scale applications.
  • Scalable: Python is highly scalable. Because of its in-built capabilities to minimize the errors during the development process, it is perfect for freight forwarding software solutions that require processing bills at a huge scale. It is also suitable for enterprise dashboards and other applications that need to handle massive server requests at once.
  • Versatile: Python is a heavily versatile programming language. It has diverse applications in various domains, including statistical analysis, numerical computations, data analytics and more. Companies can use it for web development or Machine Learning applications. Today, Python plays a crucial role in building data science models and intelligent algorithms.
  • Library
    One of the biggest reasons to choose Python is because of its library set. Python has libraries for almost everything — there’s TensorFlow, Selenium, Apache Spark, Requests, Theano, Py Torch and many more. The libraries enable adding functionalities and features, simplifying the process of building high-quality web applications.

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As Python grows in popularity, its community also grows. There are more developers than any other programming language. They provide support for different development problems, support, and training for multiple projects.

Let’s look at a proven case study by BoTree Technologies that showcases Python’s capabilities in web development.

Python: Proven Case Study of a Logistics Company

At BoTree, we use Python development services for building dynamic web applications. Today we will discuss a case study on the freight forwarding services industry. We developed it using Python and other technologies. Let’s understand it better.

About the Case Study

We designed the freight forwarding software for a leading international logistics services provider. The system we created would collect the information from different freight forwarding websites using bill of lading or the container number. The information is then entered into the centralized system automatically for better management of the freight.

The main challenge was the manual processing of bills of lading. The information had to be gathered from a large number of websites. Each website had hundreds and thousands of bills. The manual process was lengthy and time-consuming. Because the freight forwarding companies were based out of different geographical locations, the client also faced language barriers while processing the B/L.

Our Technology Stack

The technology stack to add freight forwarding features was simple and powerful. We used Python, Postgresql, AWS SQS, EC2m, Puppeteer and Virtual Private Cloud. We offered web development, software testing, and continuous support and maintenance.

The technology stack we used was focused on simplifying the complications in the freight forwarding system. Because the solution had to be scalable, Python was the probably choice for building the web application.

Our Solution

We built a fully server-les architecture. It performs the mapping of the websites and analyzes the different fields for assessing the required details in freight forwarding.

The solution parses data from different websites and matches the fields with the required information. It also takes into account previously parsed data for making the decision.

The collected information is structurally arranged into a format. The entire data system is then pushed back to a centralized ERP system. All the data is accumulated at a single place, making it easier to process the B/L without any hassle.

The freight forwarding solution consisted of the following features built using Python -

Core Features

  • B/L Processing: The system could easily parse 15000 B/L in a single day.
  • Efficiency delivery: The process became efficient by 30% for processing the B/L.
  • Activity log maintenance: There’s a proper record of all the records that take place in the system.
  • Multiple languages: The freight forwarding software could easily parse B/L in different languages.


Python is a powerful programming language for enterprise-grade applications. Logistics companies heavily benefit from investing in freight forwarding solutions. Shipping systems are essential for managing the timely delivery of products and services. An internal system for B/L processing can enable you to reap the benefits of swift deliveries.

BoTree Technologies is a custom software development company that has Python experts who can build quality applications for enterprises. We have experience in the logistics, healthcare, fintech, education, and multiple other industries.

Connect with us today for a FREE CONSULTATION in the next 24 hours!

Originally published at on May 11, 2021.

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