Handling Web API Exceptions with ProblemDetails middleware

Handling Web API Exceptions with ProblemDetails middleware

In this post I describe the ProblemDetailsMiddleware by Kristian Hellang that can be used to return ProblemDetails when an exception occurs in an API

With asp.net core do not create your own Exception handling middleware, but use Hellang.Middleware.ProblemDetails to return standard RFC7807 ProblemDetails responses in case of an error.

Read this good article presenting ProblemDetails Middleware

If you want to include exception message in the response - use this config code

options.Map<Exception>((_, ex) =>
                var details = StatusCodeProblemDetails.Create(StatusCodes.Status500InternalServerError);
                details.Detail = ex.GetBaseException().Message;
                return details;

Place UseProblemDetails() as early as possible before auth and routing, but if you need ProblemDetails object in some other middleware it has to be before this (like logging response exceptions).

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