Data Science Learning Roadmap for 2021

Data Science Learning Roadmap for 2021

Venturing into the world of Data Science is an exciting, interesting, and rewarding path to consider. There is a great deal to master, and this self-learning recommendation plan will guide you toward establishing a solid understanding of all that is foundational to data science as well as a solid portfolio…

Although nothing really changes but the date, a new year fills everyone with the hope of starting things afresh. If you add in a bit of planning, some well-envisioned goals, and a learning roadmap, you'll have a great recipe for a year full of growth.

This post intends to strengthen your plan by providing you with a learning framework, resources, and project ideas to help you build a solid portfolio of work showcasing expertise in data science.

Just a note: I've prepared this roadmap based on my personal experience in data science. This is not the be-all and end-all learning plan. You can adapt this roadmap to better suit any specific domain or field of study that interests you. Also, this was created with Python in mind, as I personally prefer it.

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