Interceptors in gRPC

Interceptors in gRPC

Many people I talk too are well aware of what middleware is. However, Interceptors seems to be less understood. Let’s dissect interceptors

What are they, and how do we use them?

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Many people I talk to are well aware of what middleware is. However, Interceptors seems to be less understood. Let’s dissect interceptors and learn how to use and write them and why we should do it.

gRPC is a great technology and I’ve been replacing many of my APIs with it. I’ve found that writing gRPC is easier than the regular HTTP based APIs. I suggest you invest time in learning it.

This is part 2 of a series, however, you don’t need prior knowledge and can continue without part 1 and 1.1, but I suggest reading them.

  • [Part 1] — using gRPC with TLS, Golang, React without Envoy
  • [Part 1.1] — Embedding a React application in a Golang binary
  • [̵P̵a̵r̵t̵ ̵2̵]̵ ̵-̵ ̵Y̵o̵u̵’̵r̵e̵ ̵h̵e̵r̵e̵
  • [Part 3] — Streaming data with gRPC

In a regular HTTP server, we would have a middleware wrapping our handler on the server. This middleware can be used to perform anything the server wants to do before actually serving the correct content, it can be Authentication or logging or anything.

gRPC is different, It allows Interceptors to be used in both the server and client. This is pretty nice since it allows users or consumers of APIs to add any wanted interceptor, such as custom logging.

Before we dig deep in interceptors I believe there is something in gRPC itself we need to understand. It’s the core concept of gRPC services

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