Getting Started With Web Vitals in Next.js

Getting Started With Web Vitals in Next.js

I’ll try to guide you through some examples and definitions that aim to clarify the Web Vitals landscape from a Next.js perspective. Web Vitals are a set of useful metrics that aim to capture the user's experience on a web page.

Discover more on Web Vitals from the Next.js perspective.

In this article, I’ll try to guide you through some examples and definitions that aim to clarify the Web Vitals landscape from a Next.js perspective. Let’s dive in!

How Google Grades Your Websites

User experience is something that Google appreciates when its robots scan your website. They perform checks to make sure your website deserves a good spot on Google’s famous search engine results page.

They look for quality indicators such as performance, interactivity, the structure of the pages, responsiveness, safety (e.g. HTTPS), etc.

If you’ve ever ventured into SEO waters, chances are that at first, you felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to worry about.

For this reason, Google came to the rescue with Web Vitals. They are a new way of analyzing your web pages and checking beforehand for things you might need to address and improve.

Web vitals are a guide made with everybody in mind so that you can easily find out how your website performs. In case there are issues, you should be able to figure out how to address them with ease.

What Are Web Vitals?

To describe this a bit better, let’s check out a Chrome tool called Lighthouse. If you’ve never heard about it, it’s an open-source automated tool that analyzes and collects quality metrics of web pages; and, yes, it makes use of Web Vitals principles.

The tool is pretty straightforward. On the page that you want to analyze, right-click -> inspect -> look for Lighthouse in the top bar. From there, there are a few options you can choose from:

Lighouse Preferences

Picking up your Lighthouse preferences.

When we run the tool against the AppSignal homepage, we’ll get similar results to these:

AppSignal metrics

AppSignal’s performance metrics.

Here, we’re just showing the metrics related to the Performance section because they embrace more of what Web Vitals do. However, Lighthouse does more.

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