Rails Postgres Query Fails to Return New Records

Rails Postgres Query Fails to Return New Records

This Rails code is supposed to prevent duplicate records from being recorded by the server within 20 seconds:

This Rails code is supposed to prevent duplicate records from being recorded by the server within 20 seconds:

@transit = Transit.new(tag: params[:tag])
if Transit.where(tag: @transit.tag).where("created_at > ?)", 20.seconds.ago).first
  logger.warn "Duplicate tag"

However, this is not working. I can see in my production database (hosted on Heroku) two different records getting created with the same tag 10 seconds apart.

Logs show the correct query is executed on the second request, but it returns no results and saves a new record anyway.

Why does this happen? I thought Postgres' default isolation level of read_committed would prevent this from happening. The query that returns no records should miss Rails' SQL cache. Logs show both requests were handled by the same WEB.1 Dyno on Heroku, and my Puma.rb is set up for 4 workers and 5 threads.

What am I missing?

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