How to Send an SMS using Scala

How to Send an SMS using Scala

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send an SMS using Scala? Learn how to choose a provider and integrate your applications smoothly.

Want to learn how you can send an SMS using Scala? Read through this article and learn how to choose a provider and integrate your applications smoothly.

As you probably guessed from the title above, sending an SMS is the main topic of today's article. I started the articles with a few words about SMS service providers, then I explained what you may take into consideration while choosing the one for you, why I choose the Vonage, and added some more details about this platform. I also provided a simple step-by-step implementation of SMS sender service in Scala. 

Before we start — a quick disclaimer

Here you can find only the most interesting code samples. The full source code is available in my GitHub repository. The link is provided in the end of the article.



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