Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Universities already include online courses in their curriculum. For example, in the USA, Japan and some European countries, the share of distance learning in the [structure of...

Universities already include online courses in their curriculum. For example, in the USA, Japan and some European countries, the share of distance learning in the structure of education is 20-30%. If there is a high level of motivation, online training is a convenient option for acquiring new skills or even a profession.

Pros of Online Learning

You can learn from anywhere. No need to waste time on the road - you can master the program of an American university while staying in your city or traveling.

You can choose the pace of learning for yourself. In online learning, there are no people who already know everything in ordinary streaming audiences and always reach out. You can also revisit lectures many times at a comfortable speed.

You can choose exactly when to attend classes. You do not need to adapt to the group or teacher, you can study at any time.

Compared to university studies, online courses help you get point skills faster that can be applied right away. There are many subjects in the university program that are not related to the profession, but they still have to take time to get a diploma.

Lower cost of payment than on a commercial basis in universities. There are many free online courses, and you can get a profession for several tens of thousands of rubles. Studying at a top Russian university at the IT-related faculty costs from 200 thousand rubles per year.

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Cons of online learning

Problem: Lack of live communication with teachers. There are those who find it more convenient to ask questions during class. This is not possible in courses that only involve viewing recorded lectures and tests.

Solution: If this is important to you, it is worth finding online training, which has mentors, constant communication with teachers and students.

Problem: There may be little value behind a well-reviewed, well-reviewed course.

Solution: Try attending free webinars or taking short trial courses before deciding whether to continue learning.

Problem: Need tight time management and motivation. You need to plan the time yourself and do it regularly. It really may not be easy: only 3.1% of students graduate from free massive online courses, for example on Coursera.

Solution: as in any big business - find the right motivation, which will not disappear over time, and be patient.

Problem: It's easy to get distracted while learning. Each notification during a lecture scatters attention, and it is difficult to force yourself to return to the material.

Solution: If you can, practice in a distraction-free place and turn off notifications.

Problem: Online learning promotes procrastination. When there is no strict schedule and no one reminds of deadlines, it is tempting to postpone studies until later. It is doubly difficult when you are busy with work and family.

Solution: some courses have support - people who answer questions, encourage and help move to the next stream if something goes wrong.

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