Some examples of Flutter

Some examples of Flutter

flutter-examples .Some examples of Flutter


Some examples of Flutter

Example apps

  1. ListView simple

Reference: ListTile Class

  1. ListView Dismissible

Reference: Implement swipe to dismiss

  1. Work with long lists

How to use ListView.builder

Reference: Work with long lists

  1. shared preferences

Reference: Shared preferences plugin

Saving and reading data in Flutter with SharedPreferences

  1. async await

Reference: Asynchronous programming: futures, async, await


How to run multiple Dart futures in parallel

Dartlang wait more than one future

Future.then chain call



Dart Fundamentals – Async / Await

  1. Container

Reference: Container class

  1. startup_namer

Reference: Write your first Flutter app, part 1

Write your first Flutter app, part 2

  1. Debugging UI Cheat Sheet

Reference: Debugging UI Cheat Sheet

  1. InkWell

Reference: InkWell class

  1. url_launcher

Reference: url_launcher

  1. encrypt_example

Reference: encrypt

  1. qrcode_scan

Reference: qrscan

  1. RaisedButton

Reference: RaisedButton

  1. FlatButton

Reference: FlatButton

  1. IconButton Example, IconButton adding a filled background, Ink Widget, Padding Widget

Reference: IconButton

  1. Outline Button

Reference: OutlineButton

  1. Row, FittedBox

Flutter Row

Reference: Row

  1. ConstrainedBox, SizedBox, BoxConstrains.tightFor()

Reference: 尺寸限制类容器

  1. QRCode Scanner

Reference: Flutter: QR Code Scanner App | Barcode Scan

Flutter QRCode Scanner APP

Android dependency 'androidx.core:core' has different version for the compile (1.0.0) and runtime (1.0.1) classpath. You should manually set the same version via DependencyResolution


  1. simple dialog

Reference: SimpleDialog Class

  1. alert dialog

textfield in an AlertDialog

Reference: AlertDialog class

  1. flutter_slidable

slidable list item

Reference: flutter_slidable

  1. nested_tabs


  1. BotToast

BotToast, including Notification and Loading


  1. flutter_swiper

Swiper example


  1. provider

Provider example


  1. provider_shopper

Provider shopper example

An animated gif of the app in action


Reference: Simple app state management

  1. permission_handler


  1. expanded

This example shows how to use an [Expanded] widget in a [Column] so that it's middle child, a [Container] here, expands to fill the space.

Reference: Expanded class

  1. expanded with flex factor

This example shows how to use an [Expanded] widget in a [Row] with multiple children expanded, utilizing the [flex] factor to prioritize available space.

Reference: Expanded class

  1. file_picker_example

A package that allows you to use a native file explorer to pick single or multiple absolute file paths, with extensions filtering support.

Reference: [file_picker][]

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