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Webomaze is an award-winning web design company in Melbourne, Australia. We design custom websites for all industries & businesses that drive sales & ROI.

Creating a website cannot be an easy task for anyone. The first and most important decision that you need to make is related to the selection of design type. There are mainly 2 types of options available regarding website design such as - adaptive design and responsive design.

If you are going to pick the option of adaptive design, then you need to work on different website versions for different devices. It can be a complicated task and may cost up very high. In case you want to save money and keep everything perfect, then you should be focused on responsive design.

Responsive design is created by keeping all types of devices and their compatibility factors in mind. Here, web designer Melbourne creates a specific design that can be accessed on all devices. The main feature of such a design is the availability of fluid grids. These grids are providing flexibility by which the website gets adjusted as per the size of the screen.

When it comes to creating a responsive design, then you may face some basic problems. Here, you can get introduced to such issues and their perfect solutions.

Problem #1: Navigation

In case you pay attention to adaptive designs, then you can get indications related to the navigation panel. Mostly it is fixed, the upper part of website near the header is holding a complete menu with navigation to all pages. If you are focusing on the responsive designs, then these things are completely changed. Due to it, sometimes the users may get confused while searching for navigation panel and connect to other pages of the website.


Here, the designers have to use their specific skills and try to spend more time on designing a good navigation system. It will help them in creating a self-explanatory panel that can be easily approached by users for achieving desired objectives.

Problem #2: Background Image & Icon Appearance

From a user experience point of view, images and other visual elements are playing an important role. In the case of responsive design, visual elements like images & icons should have flexible characteristics by which they can easily get adjusted as per the size of the screen. Here, you not only focus on the small screen devices but also keep big screen devices with high pixel requirements in mind. If you don’t think accordingly, then your images and icons may get blurred on high pixel screens.


For maintaining the quality of icons, you can use the SVG format. Using such format will help you in keeping image quality high with the lower size of the file. In the case of images, lazy loading image optimisation can be highly useful.

Problem #3: Loading Time

The loading time of a website plays an important role, and everyone needs to keep it fast as they can. With all these things, the web design experts Melbourne needs to be focused on the user experience. In some conditions, stress on the servers of responsive websites becomes high. It happens due to the heavy traffic from all types of devices, desktop & mobiles. Consequently, users are facing loading related issues. It is associated with the loss of users and visitors.


For sorting out such an issue, you can get help from the scaling and caching system. With all these things, you can set the content at the priority and then other elements such as - galleries, documents, downloads, and so on. It will help you in decreasing the loading time and present complete data in front of users quickly.

Problem #4: Website Conversion

The biggest problem appears in front when it comes to converting a fixed website into a fully flexible or responsive. In these cases, the professionals need to mess with complicated coding of the website and handle some additional affairs. If anything is missed by professionals, then it may lead to several other issues.

Solution: In case you have a light and simple website, then the conversion process can be considered. It is a good option to add more functionalities to the website. For the heavy and big website with lots of content, it cannot be a good choice. Here, the option of rebuilding a website is much better as compared to conversion. You can hire best web design company Melbourne and proceed with your project for getting a responsive website.

These are some major problems and their solutions. If you are availing services from experts, then you can deal with all types of problems quickly. Try to consider deep research on choosing the best service provider and make things much easier.

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