Earn the new Google Kubernetes Engine skill badge for free

Earn the new Google Kubernetes Engine skill badge for free

The new Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine skills badge helps you demonstrate to employers you know how to manage workloads and clusters at scale to optimize time and cost.

We’ve added a new skill badge this month, Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which you can earn for free when you sign up for the Kubernetes track of the skills challenge. The skills challenge provides 30 days free access to Google Cloud labs and gives you the opportunity to earn skill badges to showcase different cloud competencies to employers. 

In this post, I’ll explain the basics of GKE cost optimization and how to earn this new skill badge. For best practices from experts and a live walkthrough of how to manage workloads and clusters at scale to optimize time and cost, sign up here for my no-cost March 19 webinar. Can’t join the event live on March 19? The training will also be available on-demand after March 19. 

GKE is a secured and fully managed Kubernetes service now with an autopilot mode of operation. It allows you to speed up app development without sacrificing security, streamline operations with release channels, and manage infrastructure with Google Site Reliability Engineers. 

When using GKE, you need to know Kubernetes workload best practices and understand how to optimize your costs. GKE includes autoscaling and our training will show you how to use this to help you run less when you don’t need it and more when you do.

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