Login with Facebook using PHP [Step by Step] - PhpCodingStuff

Login with Facebook using PHP [Step by Step] - PhpCodingStuff

How to login with facebook in php. We can use Facebook login to allow the users to get access into the websites. In this tutorial will explain you about login with facebook PHP SDK.

We need to Fackbook login into many websites, it does not bother the user much, he login easily on the website and by login, we get all the data of the user like name email id age, etc. so in this tutorial, we learn Facebook login integration in PHP.

Login with Facebook using PHP [Step by Step]



   // added in v4.0.0
   require_once 'autoload.php';
   use Facebook\FacebookSession;
   use Facebook\FacebookRedirectLoginHelper;
   use Facebook\FacebookRequest;
   use Facebook\FacebookResponse;
   use Facebook\FacebookSDKException;
   use Facebook\FacebookRequestException;
   use Facebook\FacebookAuthorizationException;
   use Facebook\GraphObject;
   use Facebook\Entities\AccessToken;
   use Facebook\HttpClients\FacebookCurlHttpClient;
   use Facebook\HttpClients\FacebookHttpable;

   // init app with app id and secret
   FacebookSession::setDefaultApplication( 'your app ID','App Secrete ' );

   // login helper with redirect_uri
   $helper = new FacebookRedirectLoginHelper('http://www.phpcodingstuff.com/' );

   try {
      $session = $helper->getSessionFromRedirect();
   }catch( FacebookRequestException $ex ) {
      // When Facebook returns an error
   }catch( Exception $ex ) {
      // When validation fails or other local issues

   // see if we have a session
   if ( isset( $session ) ) {
      // graph api request for user data
      $request = new FacebookRequest( $session, 'GET', '/me' );
      $response = $request->execute();

      // get response
      $graphObject = $response->getGraphObject();
      $fbid = $graphObject->getProperty('id');           // To Get Facebook ID
      $fbfullname = $graphObject->getProperty('name');   // To Get Facebook full name
      $femail = $graphObject->getProperty('email');      // To Get Facebook email ID

      /* ---- Session Variables -----*/
      $_SESSION['FBID'] = $fbid;
      $_SESSION['FULLNAME'] = $fbfullname;
      $_SESSION['EMAIL'] =  $femail;

      /* ---- header location after session ----*/
      header("Location: index.php");
   }else {
      $loginUrl = $helper->getLoginUrl();
      header("Location: ".$loginUrl);

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