Create a Dashboard using ChartJS and Angular

Create a Dashboard using ChartJS and Angular

Install ChartJS, Create various charts and a Dashboard using ChartJS and Angular.

Install ChartJS, Create various charts and a Dashboard using ChartJS and Angular.

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Analytics plays a very important role to make business decisions. All organizations in the universe trying many business intelligence tools to create reports, charts using the data. Charts help the business people to understand the data better than viewing raw data.

Whenever we develop an application like CRM, ERP, etc., the user(client) will always ask us to create a dashboard using various KPI’s(Key Performance Indicator). KPI is the technical terminology used among analytics people. KPI is used to define how to create a chart(the look and feel), type of chart and which metric(data) to use in the chart.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to create basic charts using Angular and the Chartjs library and how to create a dashboard-like look and feel using the charts.

Let’s see how to create a basic chart using Chartjs. Then we will combine all the charts to create a dashboard in Angular. In this tutorial, we are going to cover the following charts using Chartjs.

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Line Chart
  3. Pie Chart
  4. Grouped Bar Chart
  5. Stacked Bar Chart
  6. Doughnut Chart
  7. Bubble Chart
  8. Multi-Line Chart

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