Swoole 2020: Planning for a New Version 4.5

Swoole 2020: Planning for a New Version 4.5

In an instant, the Swoole open source project has gone through 8 years. In these 8 years, 116 developers contributed kernel code to Swoole.

In an instant, the Swoole open source project has gone through 8 years. In these 8 years, 116 developers contributed kernel code to Swoole. There are countless PHP developers who provide bug feedback and improvement suggestions for Swoole. There are also a large number of Swoole users active in Swoole's Q & A community, SegmentFault Swoole column, and QQ / WeChat technology exchange group. In GitHub platform also accumulated 1.5k a star. I am honored to be the founder and core developer of Swoole.

Swoole 4.5

December 2019 we plan a new 4.5 version, this version of the theme is "source architecture reconstruction." Long-term support 4.4 as a LTS branch. In 4.5 previous versions, Swoole bottom is more biased in favor of fast implementation, there is no complete code architecture design and code specifications do worse. The programming language is also confusing, with both C and C ++ source files. References are also not up to standard header files, such as non- Serverreferenced module server.h. In fact, the community already has many C/C++ aspects of the developers have put forward proposals. Prior to this, our team had a lot of higher-priority work to complete, and had less time and energy to invest in code specifications. In the new 4.5 version, we will invest a lot of time and energy to redesign the code architecture and completely change this situation.

The main work includes the following aspects:

  • Transformation Event API, shielding the use of int-type fd, unified as a swSocket object
  • Remove socket_array global variables
  • Server Master Completely remove the use of locks, greatly improving parallelism
  • Full switch to C ++
  • Optimization of the Reactor -> Worker -> PHP onReceive data transfer mode, to reduce the memory Copy, performance event callback function to enhance onReceive 4 times

Based on feedback from community users, some new features will be added in version 4.5:

  • HTTP2 \ Client supports pipeline recv
  • Built-in FastCGI coroutine client, perfectly integrated with short life cycle fpm service
  • Added Coroutine / Batch API, which can execute N functions in parallel and receive the return value array
  • Add onReload event callback, triggered before reload occurs

In addition, we found that more and more Swoole users are using gRPC and Http2. There are some bugs in the Http2 module. In the 4.5 version, we will do a large refactoring of the Http2 Client & Server to solve all known issues, stability and The robustness has been greatly improved.

The 4.5 release will also remove some obsolete features:

  • Remove the Buffer module
  • Remove Runtime :: enableStrictMode
Swoole Documentation Project

Because it Swoole is very low-level software, the kernel developers have put a lot of energy into adding new features and dealing with BUG it. There has been no effort to solve the document problems that everyone agrees on. Now we have more developers and commercial support behind them. The company already has the energy to solve the document problem. The new document aims to solve the document problem that everyone has been talking about. It adopts a modern document organization form, which contains only Swoole4 the content. It has modified a lot of the wrong content in the old document and optimized the document details. Added sample code, new documentation is expected to be released in the next year.

Swoole Core Developer

Because the company's projects now have more work tasks, there is not much energy to participate in kernel development. Starting from version 4.5, I will gradually reduce the code contribution and exit the core development group in stages. Give it to a new generation of developers: Twosee, Shiguangqi, CodingHuang & more.

Twosee will be a new generation of soul figures in the Swoole open source project, just like the open source PHP Nikic.

Swoole Commercialization

Since 2018, Swoole has begun commercial exploration. After a year and a half of effort, under the leadership of Guo Xinhua, the core developer of the Swoole project, the company barely reached a state of self-financing. In fact, the original intention of creating this company was to provide financial income by providing some commercial services, which can support our entire Swoole kernel R & D team to continue to invest in the Swoole open source business. There can also be more resources for documentation, testing, community operations, and evangelism.

In 2019, Swoole Corporation (Swoole Business Company) sponsored the PHPCon conference, and gave T-shirts, hoodies and other small gifts to many active contributors and users in the Swoole community. The community has reported many high-quality bugs.

Xinhua is the core force of Swoole's open source and commercial. In the field of open source, Xinhua has contributed:

  • php-cp: MySQL connection pool software, widely used in Jumei Youpin
  • swoole_serialize: a high-performance binary serialization module designed for PHP7, with much higher performance and less memory consumption than JSON / PHP serialization

In addition, many core projects in Swoole Commercial Company have also been developed by Xinhua:

  • Swoole Compiler
  • Swoole Tracker

In 2019 the end we have developed a new Swoole Plus software, Swoole on community version, adds some performance tuning of the program, as well as security, attack detection, flow control, Hbase/Solr-Cloud support. The functional characteristics are second, mainly to provide business support services for enterprises. Help companies to solve technical problems PHP& Swoole projects. Let those Swoole companies who want to apply technology on a large scale can use our technology with confidence.

Next year we will launch many application-level solutions, such as instant messaging (IM), security gateway, Internet of Things (IOT), games, customer service systems and other Swoole applications.


Even if we don't have the funds and halo like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, we will never give up. It is the love of open source technology and the love of the PHP language that has allowed us to continue.

Our goal is to Swoole make industrial-grade software as PHP the cornerstone of language network traffic direction.

PHP Interview Questions with Solutions: Prepare for PHP Interview

PHP Interview Questions with Solutions: Prepare for PHP Interview

Prepare for PHP Interviews. Set Variable With php.ini File. Logic & Output Behind PHP Code Segment. Class Concept, Error & Functions in PHP. Start PHP Now!

In this course you will be introduced with some tricky questions that everyone face during their interview. In each solutions I have included some useful functions which we generally use at the time of development also. I have covered the following area in my course with Questions, Attractive Presentations and Practical Solutions that will help you to understand the logic behind PHP in a different way.

Some useful functions
PHP error types
Class concept
Access specifiers public, private and protected
Set variable with php.ini file
Operators introduced in PHP7
Logic and its output behind some code segment
Basic knowledge
PHP7, XAMPP Server, Notepad++
What will you learn
This course is build for the person who is facing interviews. Every question is well explained with the practical solution through videos. So that everybody can prepare themselves for the tricky questions asked during interviews
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Advantages of Hiring PHP Developer for your Website Project

Advantages of Hiring PHP Developer for your Website Project

PHP - Hypertext pre-processor, a scripting language used by many people in developing web pages, but most of us are unaware even of the full form. To train someone and make them learn this whole language is as difficult and time-consuming as it is...

PHP - Hypertext pre-processor, a scripting language used by many people in developing web pages, but most of us are unaware even of the full form. To train someone and make them learn this whole language is as difficult and time-consuming as it is to learn the language yourself. That’s why PHP developers are there to make your life easy. This article will give us the advantages and requirements of Hire PHP Developer for our very own website project.

First of all, let us understand the value the right developer brings to the project and why it is important for your business.

A website is a major component of any company/business and is very important for its face value, the way it represents the company on the internet is critical for any business to succeed. This is the reason why companies are looking for PHP developers who can develop their webpage.

If you're planning to do an online business, your PHP programmer will be the first person to transfer your thinking onto the webpage. You should, therefore, employ developers from PHP to make your hypothetical idea a reality.

With this software programming language, PHP developers all-around can easily build website frameworks, web content management systems, web template systems, and various other web-based designs.

Some of the reasons why we need to outsource these developers are:

Not everyone is the best in each field, all of us have our specific skills and talents hence, PHP developers are also the best at what they do. The time and money spent on the training of the in house employees would be saved if the professional PHP developers are hired. Instead of multitasking, if the employees were to focus on what they’re good at it would increase productivity too.

The PHP developers would be much more professional than the in-house workers. It would lead to the seriousness of work. Hence, on-time delivery is guaranteed with hired PHP developers.

In addition to these benefits, you would also be able to track your project through every stage in constant communication with your online team. These advantages make it incredibly popular and smart to hire a PHP developer.

The PHP developers have in-depth knowledge of PHP, HTML and various frameworks in terms of technical capabilities. Hiring PHP developers are advised to give your website a professional look based on PHP.

Much of web success depends on the involvement of social media. The developer can add to your social networking pages a feature that explicitly redirects visitors. In addition, SEO experts also suggest better connections to the website's social network.

Just like a tailor stitches our dresses according to our preferences and is ready to make last-minute changes. A PHP developer will also be available at the nick of your call to make the website just the way you want it to be and have a customized solution for every problem.

Read also: Why & How to Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

At some point in your business, you’re going to have problems regarding your webpage due to the rapidly changing technology, instead of struggling with ideas like these and not being able to come up with an appropriate solution a PHP web developer could help us with our problems just like any technician would help us with the problems we face in our offices or any architect would help us with designing the structure of a building or any interior designer would help us with setting up our home. The PHP development company are hubs of workers who would help us overcome these problems and are always there.

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PHP Programming Tutorial | Online PHP Certification Training

PHP Programming Tutorial | Online PHP Certification Training

Knowledge of PHP, the most popular back end language on the web can be yours, all at $9! Supplement your knowledge of html and JavaScript and add value to your CV. This course from Simpliv will make you a lot more employable in the market. Begin to take strides in your development career!

This completes it.

PHP is the stepping stone to your first professional development gigs

PHP is the most popular back end language on the web.

Companies like Facebook and Tumblr use PHP as their primary back end coding language. It's in universal demands, and, as a new developer you're expected to know you're way around the front end and the back end. That's where PHP comes in.

There was a time when a web developer could get away with knowing just HTML and some Javascript, but now as employers are looking for more value, you have to know more. PHP lets you access an entire world of backend databases, like mySQL which is introduced in this course.

FACT: With PHP knowledge you'll be able to complete more advanced projects and be more employable.

People ask all the time: What's the best past to becoming a professional developer?

People going in to web development need two types of technical knowledge. First, they need to know how to manipulate content in a browser. That's where HTML5 and Javascript come in. But they also need to be able to interact with backend systems like eCommerce systems, databases and content management systems.

With PHP, developers:

Create systems by which data can be stored and retrieved in a database
Interact with eCommerce systems facilitating sales, credit card processing and shipping all over the world
Create complex content and customer management systems customized for industry use.
Create plugins and customizations for the most the most popular content management systems in the world, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla (all of which are written in PHP!)
Who is the target audience?

New developers who want to add PHP to their tool aresneal
Web Designers who want to start writing code
Teachers and students
Current developers who need to learn PHP
Basic knowledge
Successful students in this course have a working knowledge of HTML
Successful students in this course can work with web browsers to navigate the internet
This course works on Mac or PC or even Linux with a few modifications
What will you learn
Set up a PHP Web Server
Integrate PHP with HTML code
Call PHP Pages from HTML
Use the echo() and print() functions
Integrate HTML with echo() and print() functions
Declare and use constants
Declare and initialize PHP variables
Understand the type of values held in PHP variables
Use arithmetic operators to perform math functions
Use comparison operators to make logical comparisons
Understand basic if statments
Create complex if statements which facilitate multiple outcomes
Use the PHP switch statement
Work with while loops.
Identify when a do while loop is appropriate and use it
Code a for loop
Create simple arrays
Use a for...each statement to loop through an array
Create associative arrays
Understand and use multidimensional arrays
Identify and use the superglobal arrays included in PHP
Use string functions to manipulate strings
Convert strings to arrays and vice-versa
Use hashes and encryption to enhance application security
Write simple functions
Write functions that take arguments and return a value
Read and write text files to the server
Read, write and parse CSV files
Set, read and delete cookies
Create sessions
Pass session variables between PHP pages
Expire sessions as required
Send plain text and HTML emails using PHP
Use a database to create a complete CRUD app
Store data in the database
Retrieve data from the database
Modify and delete database data
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