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How the Website Design and Development process works

How the Website Design and Development process works


Understand how it works and learn every step of the website design and development process in this handy guide.


Good design, whether for a brand or a layout for the web, goes far beyond just choosing colors and fonts – it's made of process . Each professional has a different way of working, but the main objective is always to develop a project that meets the needs not only of the client, but of his audience.


Below, I've listed in order the process I use for the projects I develop:



It is the first step, and the most important of all . Here, I seek to know about the company – who it is, what is its history, what is its purpose, what is its personality, who is its audience.


Is it a new company or has it been on the market for years? Where does the company intend to go? What is the feeling that the company wants to convey to its audience? WHO is your audience?


It is very important to understand these issues, because the next steps will be based on all this information.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



Here, I do a competitor analysis. Who are? What do most have in common? Are there any elements of the area that are in common use (cliché)? By doing this research, I discover what other companies in the area have in common to be able to do DIFFERENTLY. At this stage, I also look for ideas and inspirations within the client's mood.



Time to put together a briefing and research and start writing down all the ideas I have. Here, on paper, I make some sketches of what I have in mind of how I intend to structure the project and the elements I intend to use.



Let's get your hands dirty! Here, I draw the layout. The best tool for me is Photoshop – but for vectors, I like to use Illustrator or Affinity Designer (but I think Illustrator is better and more complete). ⠀⠀⠀



Once the layout is approved by the customer, it's time to start the website development process and create the codes. All sites are developed on WordPress so that all content is 100% manageable by the customer – that way, it doesn't depend on anyone and any technical knowledge to modify texts and images in general.


Importance of website development for your company

Are there still companies that don't have websites? A website is the lifeblood of your business. Thus, in this space, the consumer finds everything about your product or service. A well-structured website, with a good design, clean interface and architected in the responsive model, is everything your client dreams of. Also, you've probably already made purchases on e-commerce platforms. The watch tower offers a complete service in the area of ​​website development and management, with a special care for companies that invest in e-commerce. We understand that agility and ease at the time of purchase is crucial for it to be carried out. 




What is wordpress creation ?

The vast majority of websites you find on the internet are hosted on the WordPress platform. Within its segment, it manages to establish itself as the most popular in the world. WordPress is a creation base for pages, websites and blogs, which offers ample practicality and originality for your project. With it, it is possible to develop simple or more complex websites, fully customizable, so that your business becomes more unique and special. Here at Evidence, we are skilled with this tool. Have you already taken a look at our clients' websites?



What is the benefit of having a well-designed website ?

When we meet someone, the first impression is the one that stays, right? With websites it works that way too. Upon entering a very well-developed platform, we already judge you as a credible company, which invests in the best for its client. Everything must be architected in a homogeneous way, with accessible and intuitive information. In addition to facilitating viewing, the consumer spends more time browsing the site. Did you know that an incorrect layout, with wrongly arranged information and visually messy, cause depressing effects on what you are accessing? Symptoms of irritability, headaches and even nausea appear. Contact our agency to have a complete website, without harming anyone. click to learn more

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Landscapes Website Design | Nature Landscapes Website Designer

Most landscapers think of their website as an online brochure. In reality of consumers have admitted to judging a company’s credibility based on their web design, making your website a virtual sales rep capable of generating massive amounts of leads and sales. If your website isn’t actively increasing leads and new landscaping contracts, it may be time for a redesign.

DataIT Solutions specializes in landscape website designing that are not only beautiful but also rank well in search engine results and convert your visitors into customers. We’ve specialized in the landscaping industry for over 10 years, and we look at your business from an owner’s perspective.

Why use our Landscapes for your landscape design?

  • Superior experience
  • Friendly personal service
  • Choice of design layout
  • Budget sensitive designs
  • Impartial product choice and advice
  • Planting and lighting designs

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Security Website Design

As web developers, we strive to meet your specific needs by creating a website that is user-friendly and remains relevant to the current design trends. This ensures that your website grabs the attention of your audience and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

DataIT Solutions team of experts works collaboratively to create ideas that can meet your requirements. Our Website Designing Company believes in High-Quality Professional Website Designing for your Security Website Designing. Our designers have experience in working on a wide array of projects, including websites of the next generation. We listen to your needs and then deliver.

Our Expertise includes:

  • Dot Net Development
  • PHP Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Website Security services

Our team of experts has the expertise, knowledge, and skills to take control and dominate the web design industry over the next couple of years. They are on hand to listen to your ideas, goals, and help you to have a website that is unique and works with your business and brand.

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Ajay Kapoor


Top Web Design Company in India | Website Design Firm

Our award-winning website designing company India gives your web application an interactive design, user-friendly interface, motion graphics, and visual aspect that perfectly matches your brand image. We have 16+ years of domain expertise and have completed 16800+ projects successfully with 7800+ happy clients worldwide.

Decided to outsource web design services in India, we are a one-stop solution for you!

We are one of the leading website designing companies in India being trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. Our custom web design company offers affordable and creative website design services to startups, SMEs, and enterprises. Our web designers in India have been consistently producing innovative & eye-catchy designs.

Excited to Get a Beautiful Website?
Our top website designing company introduces your business online with a well-designed, SEO optimized, and 100% responsive website. With over 16+ years of experience, we have learned the art of delivering great UI & UX Design Services. Do you want to discuss your web designing project with us? Contact us!

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Construction website design in the UK

The right construction web design firm can help ensure that a website converts visitors into clients or leads effectively, even on the first visit, through the proper use of site elements to lead visitors through a sales funnel. With an effective website, construction companies can easily showcase their portfolios as they work to generate more effective leads.

DataIT Solutions offers customized construction website design companies in the UK and digital marketing services. Whether you’re establishing a new online location or your current site needs a redesign, we work with you to produce exactly what you want and need.

We approach every project differently - we analyze and research your business and customer type to build and design the website around our analysis and what we feel will work best for your website and business and as standard, a website will benefit from all of the standard content management features.

What’s included in your website design packages:

  • Hosting and coding
  • Graphic design
  • Advanced analytics tracking
  • Optimization for SEO
  • Existing content import
  • New content creation
  • Lead form creation and tracking
  • Website compatibility across all browsers and devices
  • Integration with social media pages
  • XML sitemap creation and submission
  • And more!

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Website Design Services | Skenix Infotech

Attractive Website Design is important because it impacts how your audience sees your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your website and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. Good web design helps you keep your leads on your web page.

Increase your brand reputation with eye-catching website design at a reasonable price. Contact Skenix now to know more about our Services & Pricing.

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