3 Prominent Python Features You Should Know

3 Prominent Python Features You Should Know

Level up your coding skills as a Python developer

These days, Python has become one of the most favored programming languages. It has a clear and simple syntax and the learning curve is reasonable. Python can be used in fields like data science, statistics, analytics, web development, and automation through scripts. The community is strong, so there is already a good number of libraries and tools for solving common problems.

All of that makes Python a demanding language. There are certainly a few advanced concepts to consider. If you are already familiar with Python’s basics, check out the following features. They will allow you to progress further in your learning journey.

Decorator Pattern

A decorator pattern is a design pattern in software development. It allows you to extend the behavior of an object without changing it. The implementation can vary depending on the programming language. Real-world examples of this pattern are printing destination labels before a package shipment and adding authentication data on a network call.

This pattern found its application in Python. It is now being successfully used in different frameworks and libraries. Let’s explore what it consists of.

def print_address(address):
    def decorator(original_function):
        print(f"Sending to {address}")

    return decorator

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