How To Install PHP 7.4 and Set Up a Local Development Environment on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Install PHP 7.4 and Set Up a Local Development Environment on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Install PHP 7.4 and Set Up a Local Development Environment on Ubuntu 20.04 - Setting Up PHP 7.4 - Setting Up Composer for Dependency Management (Optional). Testing the PHP Environment. Ubuntu 20.04 ships with PHP 7.4 in its upstream repositories. This means that if you attempt to install PHP without a specified version, it will use 7.4.

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PHP is a popular server scripting language known for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. Getting up and running with your language of choice is the first step in learning to program.

This tutorial will guide you through installing PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu and setting up a local programming environment via the command line. You will also install a dependency manager,  Composer, and test your installation by running a script.


To complete this tutorial, you will need a local or virtual machine with Ubuntu 20.04 installed and have administrative access and an internet connection to that machine. You can download this operating system via the  Ubuntu releases page.

Step 1 — Setting Up PHP 7.4

Step 2 — Setting Up Composer for Dependency Management (Optional)

Step 3 — Testing the PHP Environment


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