Python Code Review Checklist

Python Code Review Checklist

Vital aspects of the code you should be checking in your reviews, the expectations you should have from those checks, and some ideas to help streamline the process.

As developers, we are all too familiar with code reviews. Having another pair of eyes take a look at our code can be wonderful; it shows us so many aspects of our code we would not have noticed otherwise. A code review can be informative, and it can be educational. I can confidently attribute most of what I know about good programming practices to code reviews.

The amount of learning a reviewee takes away from a code review depends on how well the review is performed. It thus falls on the reviewer to make their review count by packing the most lessons into the review as possible.

This is a guide on some vital aspects of the code you should be checking in your reviews, the expectations you should have from those checks, and some ideas on how tooling (such as linters, formatters, and test suites) can help streamline the process.

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