How Do I Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger?

How Do I Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. These days most of the users are quite busy in their day to day life. Working a lot but then they have been addicted to using Facebook. Checking on others, new posts, searching for latest status updates on Facebook, wasting too much time on Facebook. Because of this, most users want to delete the App or just deactivate it. They want to know how to deactivate Facebook.

How Can You Deactivate Facebook Account? Now, if you're wondering whether you can get rid of your Facebook account while still staying in touch with friends via Facebook Messenger, then the answer is yes. Just follow these steps to do just that. So how to deactivate Facebook account is what they want. First, open Facebook's deactivate account page. Then just ignore the photos of the people who will supposedly miss you and scroll to the bottom. Now, the last option says you can continue using Facebook Messenger even if you deactivate your account. But, make sure this is not checked and just leave it as is. Just scroll down and hit Deactivate. Finally, your Facebook account will be deactivated. Now, all your Facebook data will be safe until you're ready to log in again. After that, open Facebook Messenger on your smartphone or log in via the website on your PC. Now, your old Facebook credentials still work for this. And you'll notice that you can continue chatting with all your friends. If I deactivate Facebook can I still use messenger is the frequent question they ask. So, that's how you can get rid of Facebook without losing any of your data and continue to keep in touch with your friends. Now, if you've deactivated your account and you use Messenger, know that it doesn't reactivate your Facebook account. Also, your friends will only be able to contact you via the Messenger app or the chat window on Facebook. And if you don't have a Facebook account yet and just want to use Messenger, follow these steps. First, download Facebook Messenger on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Then, open the app and enter your phone number. Then tap Continue. And you'll get a code via SMS to confirm your number. And once you've done that you can key in phone numbers of your friends and start messaging them. So, how can you know if someone has blocked you on Facebook or deactivated their account? Well go to a mutual friend’s profile and check whether the person in question is listed there. They want to know what a deactivated Facebook account look like. And if their name is searchable, the profile still exists. But sadly, though, that probably means you’ve been blocked. You see there is this second possibility is that you have been blocked. So remember before you investigate that, question whether they’ve deleted their whole account. You can check on Messenger; there could be a technical issue. But you can’t send a message if you’ve been blocked, and their profile picture will be replaced on any comments they’ve previously posted on your timeline. And if you’re interested in deleting things that you have posted to your own Facebook wall, click on the first option i.e. Posts. And from there, you can choose to see things like Your Posts, Posts You’re Tagged In, Other People’s Posts To Your Timeline, Posts Hidden from Your Timeline, Notes, and Polls. Just navigate to the section you’re interested in. And if that is the posts, just click "Posts". You’re your Facebook will list each post you’ve ever made categorized by year. And within each year, posts are categorized by month. So, if you want to delete a certain post, you’ll need to click the pencil icon on the right side of the post where there will be a few options depending on the post. Now to delete it, just click Delete. This is how you deactivate Facebook. But there are other options as well like hide content or allow content to show up on your timeline. Because it’s a way of building brand loyalty. So, that’s why your comments won’t vanish. And your name will appear as plain text, as the link to your account will be broken. Also, your profile image will be replaced by a default icon too. Of course, if you choose to reactivate your Facebook account, all of those posts will revert to normal. But what happens if you delete Facebook permanently? Well, your data will be erased within 3 months, but can’t guarantee that flotsam and jetsam—comments, reactions, and posts on others’ timelines—will be cleared. And what does a deactivated Facebook account look like? Well, you won’t be able to check their profile because links revert to plain text. And the posts they’ve made on your timeline will still exist but you will not be able to click on their name. And if you’re concerned that someone has been unusually quiet on Facebook, there are three options to consider. Well, the first is that they’re simply busy. This is how to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger. So try messaging them to ask if they’re okay and look through your list of friends. And if they’re still listed, they’re probably just preoccupied.

Description Well if you think this system appears deliberately designed to dissuade users from doing this then you may get some idea of why some internet users have an adversarial attitude toward the way Facebook does things in principle. But if you are still set on deactivating your Messenger, here’s how to do it. So, once you have made sure that your Facebook account is deactivated then open your Messenger and then tap on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen. After that go to "Legal & Policies" where you need to choose "Deactivate Messenger" and then tap "Deactivate" to finish the job.

Conclusion In this way, you can learn to deactivate your Facebook account easily. All you need to do is understand the above-explained things and the details. So, following the steps given above you can know what does a deactivated Facebook account look like.


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