8 Useful HTML5 Frameworks to Speed-up Your Development Process

8 Useful HTML5 Frameworks to Speed-up Your Development Process

The 8 best HTML5 Frameworks will sheer your process of development and even quicken your coding: Iio Engine, Zoey, Lime JS, Jo, Lungo.js, Junior, Sencha Touch, Gridless

Advancement in technology has provided various platforms and frameworks that can be used for web designing. Almost all the latest platforms come with upgraded features, video, visuals, interactivity, and other browser functionalities that are too smooth.

These platforms even allow developers to design some of the newest and extra-featured apps for mobile phones. Almost all these platforms are compatible with all the internet browsers in computers and even with browsers in mobile phones. Almost all the frameworks are now compatible with Android, JavaScript, iOS, Symbian, and many others.

Web designers commonly use the vernacular language HTML5 because it supports all the advanced browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox 6, Internet Explorer, etc.

HTML 5 comes with many latest features and potentialities that were only imagined with the older HTML versions. Web pages will now be more meaningful by making use of structure-specific tags.

Drag and drop functions can be created, and inbuilt rounded corners are the latest visual components. HTML 5 can also be combined with CSS3 and JavaScript to do some amazing tasks, particularly mobile applications development.

  • Iio Engine — JavaScript Game Engine for HTML5 Canvas
  • Zoey — A lightweight framework for developing mobile apps
  • Lime JS — LimeJS HTML5 Game Framework
  • Jo — HTML5 Mobile App Framework Documentation
  • Lungo.js — HTML5 framework for developers who want to design
  • Junior — A front-end framework for building HTML5 mobile apps with a native look and feel.
  • Sencha Touch — A user interface JavaScript library or web framework
  • Gridless — responsive grid framework for use with LESS and Sass

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