Good Writing Is Visual

Good Writing Is Visual

Writing must be visually appealing to grab the reader’s attention. This is a fundamental rule in a speaker development course I teach several times per year.

“The strongest ideas in the world are lost if the audience can’t get visually past your packaging.”

This is a fundamental rule in a speaker development course I teach several times per year. You may have strong ideas that could change how we think about things, but if the audience has shut you out early because of how you dress, speak, move, or weaknesses in your slides, that idea will never be heard.

The speaker has to master professional packaging before the words are ever communicated to an audience that wants to hear you, but can’t get past the barriers you have given us to overcome.

The same is true in writing. Good ideas wallow in oblivion if the reader can’t get past the first glance. There is always truth in the old adages, and this one directly applies to your writing and chances of getting read:

The writer only gets one chance to make a strong first impression

Your reader enters the game dazed and confused. He or she is overwhelmed, over stimulated and suffers from too much input of everything. How do you penetrate a mind already filled for the day and can barely comprehend one more external stimulation?

In the 1970s, your grandparents had a simpler life. You woke up, maybe listened to the radio at breakfast, worked the day away, then came home and read the evening paper while watching the evening news on a giant box of a television.

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