Syntax highlighting with highlight.js for Vue.js 2.x

Syntax highlighting with highlight.js for Vue.js 2.x

vue-highlightjs .Vue.js syntax highlighting made easy, using highlight.js.


Vue.js syntax highlighting made easy, using highlight.js.



Simply install the npm package vue-highlightjs:

npm install --save vue-highlightjs

Using vue-highlightjs

In your main JavaScript file (eg. main.js):

// Import Vue and vue-highlgihtjs
import Vue from 'vue'
import VueHighlightJS from 'vue-highlightjs'

// Tell Vue.js to use vue-highlightjs

In your template, in order to highlight javascript code:

<!-- If your code lives in a variable called 'sourcecode' -->
<pre v-highlightjs="sourcecode"><code class="javascript"></code></pre>

<!-- If you want to highlight hardcoded code -->
<pre v-highlightjs><code class="javascript">const s = new Date().toString()</code></pre>


Any sort of contributions and feedback is much appreciated. Just leave an issue or pull-request!

This project uses the AirBnB code style.

Please run npm run lint and npm run test before you submit a pull request! <3


Author: Chris Hager [email protected] (

License: MIT




  • Documentation


  • Changed const to var for compatibility with PhantomJS and UglifyJS
  • Bugfix to allow empty content


  • Fixed displaying and highlighting HTML tags passed as value to the directive (thanks @nguyenvanduocit)

Download Details:

Author: metachris


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