All Pandas Read_html() You Should Know for Scraping Data From HTML Tables

All Pandas Read_html() You Should Know for Scraping Data From HTML Tables

Numerical data is common in data analysis. Often you have numerical data that is continuous, or very large scales, or is highly skewed…

Web scraping is the process of collecting and parsing data from the web. The Python community has come up with some pretty powerful web scrapping tools. Among them, Pandas read_html() is a quick and convenient way for scraping data from HTML tables.

In this article, you’ll learn Pandas read_html() to deal with the following common problems and should help you get started with web scraping.

  1. Reading tables from a string
  2. Reading tables from a URL
  3. Reading tables from a file
  4. Parsing date columns with parse_dates
  5. Explicitly typecast with converters
  6. MultiIndex, header, and index column
  7. Matching a table with match
  8. Filtering tables with attrs
  9. Working with missing values

Please check out Notebook for the source code.

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